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  1. The Limina is here!

    The Limina is here!
    The Limina replaces our Proteus and Procyon devices, and includes all the sessions from our Sirius and Procyon model, adapted to the Kasina Basic Session (KBS) format. Also due to the many requests weve been receiving for gamma sessions, there are a number of those included as well. About 100 sessions altogether.

    KBS sessions are classic AVS sessions, with the audio consisting of binaural beats, Isochronic tones (multiple waveforms), and pink noise as ...
  2. DeepVision sessions for the Procyon available now

    Neuroasis created a small group of visual-only sessions for the Procyon DeepVision ganzware. If you are interested in flicker induced visual imagery, these are, in my opinion, generate the most complex visual imagery I've ever experienced with AVS. And, they're free! You can download them from the Procyon support page:



    Updated 01-16-2018 at 07:00 AM by Andy (Link updated.)

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  3. DeepVision Ganzwear for Procyon are now available

    Hello, all--

    We've just started shipping our new DeepVision glasses for the Procyon; these are basically identical to the Kasina version, except in that case, the LEDs on the right side are in opposite phase to those on the left.

    Scott has been working on a batch of sessions intended for use with the DV, with intense visual imagery as the main goal. And in my experience with them, he's achieved that goal.

    Though I tend to keep brightness at maximum ...
  4. DIY GanzGoggles

    Here is a set of DIY GanzGoggles made from the Kasina light strips. We are offering these light strips for sale for Kasina and Procyon. Contact for details.

    It is a very easy build and the strip fits perfectly. You get the added benefit of an adjustable strap and foam padding around the eyes. They are very comfortable. There are air holes on each side too.

    These are the googles from Amazon The Arc One company has several ...

    Updated 10-05-2015 at 06:25 PM by neuroasis (Updated orders email address)

  5. DeepVision with Eyes Half Closed

    In many meditation practices it is common to keep the eyes half closed rather than fully closed. While it is possible to do this somewhat with regular closed eye Ganzframes with the DeepVision glasses this becomes a whole new experience.

    Many of the super saturated colors mute down to very pleasing shades. Greens and blues are especially nice. Reds pop with full strength. In fact in the upper vision red is very prominent and carries strong patterns. While at the bottom of the vision ...
  6. EEG Recording Kasina and DeepVision Eye Open Glasses

    Wondering whether stimulating frequencies during sessions works? I am posting some EEG recordings to demonstrate what this looks like on me personally. Now, I do have 20+ years of meditation experience, so that must be considered. However, with all the affordable reasonably precise EEGs available, it is time for people to start demonstrating the claims that they make. Show and not tell so to speak.

    Recorded at FP1 and FP2 on the forehead. Not the usual place to record entrainment. So ...

    Updated 08-22-2015 at 02:48 AM by neuroasis

  7. KBS Modulation Depth on the Kasina

    The Kasina has the ability to alter the modulation depth programmed in a KBS file from the interface. It can also apply volume modulation to external audio files played through the AUX jack. This post describes this feature which was introduced in firmware 1.12. It shows up in the KBS player.

    Two settings work in conjunction with one another. The UP button on the Control Pad controls to what audio the modulation is applied. Either KBS audio only, AUX audio only or both KBS and AUX. ...

    Updated 06-20-2015 at 12:14 PM by neuroasis

  8. Audacity Mind Machine Suite

    I have uploaded the first release of the Audacity Mind Machine Suite to Github here:

    This is a set of plugins, effect chains, and equalization presets to create mind machine sessions including AudioStrobe and SpectraStrobe, binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic entrainment tracks.

    With the effect Chains in Audacity you can edit light tracks in a number of ways including stripping them out, doing ...
  9. MindPlace Mobile - iOS and Android Testing

    Exciting news today everyone... MindPlace is going mobile with our first AudioStrobe app!

    This is our first foray into these waters so we have decided to use a 'shell application' as a testing platform to try out different interfaces and controls. This helps us to avoid the App Stores and the unfun parts of the making mobile apps and get right to the good stuff. It also allows us to switch out things quickly and try new versions.

    The platform is called MobMuPlat - Mobile ...

    Updated 02-23-2015 at 09:40 AM by neuroasis

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  10. GNaural SpectraStrobe and AudioStrobe templates

    Attached are templates that allow you to create SpectraStrobe and AudioStrobe in the free GNaural application.

    These templates provide the basic elements for SpectraStrobe: Red, Green and Blue tone tracks and the SpectraStrobe reference track. Do not alter the base frequency of any of these tracks because it is this frequency that creates the light signals. For the reference track do not change anything. Note the volume of light tracks need to be low. ...
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