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Robert Austin

  1. Megabrain

    In the year 1986, a book entitled Megabrain: New Tools and Techniques for Brain Growth and Mind Expansion was published. The author was journalist Michael Hutchison, and it sparked a mini-revolution. Hutchison assembled into a single tome a wide and varied range of technologies, all intended to boost intelligence and otherwise enhance consciousness. In so doing he created a viral meme, which spread well into the 1990s, during which time he authored the followup book Megabrain Power and a series ...
  2. Battle of the Colors

    Some of us remember the light shows pioneered back in the late 50s, that were especially popular additions to rock shows in the latter 60s. Though a number of techniques were used, from film strips to strobes, the most popular was perhaps the 'wet show', in which drops of colored water were added to dishes of oil (or vice-versa), and manipulated in various ways. The results were projected onto a screen, and no doubt contributed to the altered states of consciousness experienced by many concert-goers ...

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