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Robert Austin

  1. Complete series "Megabrain Report" now available

    We're pleased to announce that the complete run of the seminal 1990s journal "Megabrain Report" is now available for viewing and download from These issues were edited, and featured regular contributions by Michael Hutchison, whose earlier book "Megabrain" spurred the rapid growth of innovation and public interest in the mind-technology field. The articles and essays contained in these issues were authored by key figures of the ...
  2. Announcing the Kasina mind media system!

    Our latest light and sound system has finally entered production! Nearly three years in the making, the Kasina features a built in MP3 player, color LCD display, rechargeable lithium battery, a micro SD card slot and an 8 GB memory card. The GanzFrames are a new design, featuring three blue, two green and one red LED per eye, for a richer, more intense visual experience.

    The audio files are encoded with a proprietary new technology called SpectraStrobe?, which enables independent ...
  3. Podcast: All In the Mind

    I confess to feeling a bit partial to BBC podcasts, but my favorite source of wide-ranging psychological discussion comes from down under... Australia, to be precise. Actually I would do this series a disservice by limiting its range to psychology, as it really does treat just about everything which has to do with how and what we think.

    Natasha Mitchell's ?All In the Mind? has been running since 2002 on Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National, and has covered a remarkable ...
    Tags: mind, psychology