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    Hi! I'm not new to AVS but I am new to kasina. It seems like it's impossible to get a hold of the MELS and it looks like it's discontinued. Was wondering if there is any way to get a hold of one of these or if somebody has an open source DIY solution that they have come across or made? Thanks!
  2. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Hi, Izzy--looks like this link was missed when our support site was re-created last year... link on the main page, or this will take you there:
  3. Izzy's Avatar
    Hello Robert,

    I tried to follow your link but it said "Oops page not found"...
    Could you check this link please?
    Thank you.

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    Never mind. It's under content under each device.
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    Looks like all community content has been removed.
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    Hello, Calm - The DeepVision for Procyon uses our current, 3.5mm TRRS plug, and we are not planning to make a version for the rectangular plug (Procyon rev. 1 and 2) versions. Our apologies for that. We stopped using that connector 5 years ago, because it was keyed for one insertion direction, and tended to break if the GanzFrames were jammed into the jack the wrong way. If you'd like to upgrade your Procyon console to the current revision (4), you can do so by contacting The cost is $75, free shipping in the Continental USA. If you are not able to do this, then I would suggest either returning the DeepVision for a full refund, or asking Andy (our site admin) for the wiring diagram to make your own. Again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

  8. Calm's Avatar
    I just ordered a DV set for my Procyon but reading about the Bright version I am wondering if they are going to work as I have the earlier version with the rectangular connector. I am not finding any commitment either way so I am hoping that has been taken into consideration.
  9. Andy's Avatar
    Yup! It will indeed.
  10. MattM's Avatar
    will this adapter also work with the Kasina to connect 2x Kasina Type Ganzframes?


  11. TomC's Avatar

    Many thanks for providing this wealth of historic avs information. I look forward to reading all of this (probably going to take a while, lol!).

    Thanks also to forum menbers (including MP guys) who helped provide a complete and clear copy of these.

    Really shows you get a lot of extra value buying a MP avs machine and participating in this forum imho.
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    Ah, the good old days, coming up with a technique for placing session encoding on a cassette tape led to few options. We did turn off the audio output on the MindLab when those modem-style tones were uploading a session to the MindLab. We found also that a 60 minute audio piece might take 58 minutes to play back on one machine, and 62 on another, so eventually moved to CD and use of the less powerful but more accurate AudioStrobe approach. For a real blast from the past, have a look at the timeline on our Facebook page... in our earlier years we seemed to release a new piece of technology every year, sometimes more than one. And if I recall correctly, the MindLab was the first AVS system that could be programmed via PC.
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    I purchased my first L & S machine from LifeTools, the Mindlab DLS, way back in 1995 and aside from a change in rechargeable batteries is still going strong to this day, so there's another testament to product longevity. And yes, the red LED glasses are pretty impressive. My first ever L & S session was hooking the DLS up to my cassette deck with the Audio Illusions PolySync cassette (remember those with the squarky sounds at the beginning) and being blown away by the colour spectrum.
  14. Andy's Avatar
    Here is a link to the product. No guarantee this link will stay valid forever...
    Here's another one that might work...
    And another...
    And a flat one...
    And even a triple!

    Looks like they're getting easier to find.
  15. TomC's Avatar
    Very nice blast from the past. I gotta say that the old red light only glasses do gve you a pretty wide colour spectrum (eyes closed only of course).
  16. Andy's Avatar
    The video was brought to my attention from a customer (Nona) who still enjoys her Esprit, purchased 20-ish years ago! How's that for product quality?!
  17. synaesthesia's Avatar
    A great review - hats off to them !
  18. neuroasis's Avatar
    Great review video Carrie!

    It is impossible to say what any given person will see during an AVS session. A lot depends upon your ability to visualize and your 'mental inventory' of images. For instance, I have done a lot of work with computer graphics and animation, i.e. fractals, mandalas, sacred geometry, etc. So it is very easy for me to visualize these things during a session. I find that the less I 'try to see' (surface perception), the more I 'do see' (depth perception).

    I believe that people can enhance their AVS visualization by watching animations like the Four Elements DVD from MindPlace or the huge number of trippy videos on YouTube. For some people it would require a little more work than for others.

    Again, Carrie, awesome job!

  19. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Thanks again, Carrie for this video review!

    TomC, you know... it can be a bit tricky, trying to re-create on video the sort of visuals most of us see during flicker stimulation. I say 'most of us' because a small number of users report that they see no visual imagery at all.

    There are two main sorts of imagery that the rest of us 'see' in our mind's eye: those related to the flickering light, which tend to be geometric forms in motion, and the hypnagogic imagery which joins or replaces them as we approach the edge of sleep. That's when faces start to appear, and unfolding dream scenarios start to unfurl, and one of the goals for the session is often to keep you in this special place for as long as possible.

  20. Thalassa's Avatar
    Thank You Robert Its working now!
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