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  1. AVS Color Illusions

    Combinations of LED lights in AVS do not always create the colors that you expect them to. For certain colors in fact like dark purples, sky blues and light yellows, you have to rely on these illusions.

    Here is a test file: Blue Illusion

    The Green LED is on the whole time at full brightness. The Red LED flashes changing patterns. The amazing thing about this session is that you actually see very little green. Only in the slowest changes, like at the beginning. Otherwise ...
  2. Fractal and Spin Spaces Test Files

    In response to a discussion here: I've decided to revisit what I know about creating fractals and spin systems.

    Test files are attached here.

    These are SpectraStrobe files for the Kasina. There is no audio and I am using only the Red LED at its brightest setting. What is mainly being altered is the frequency controlled live ...

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  3. Sync SpectraStrobe with Ambience Track

    Basic and Advanced SpectraStrobe techniques with Mind Workstation.

    Here is a playlist with all of the current videos in the series:

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    AVS , Light and Sound
  4. NeuroProgrammer with SpectraStrobe - Kasina Support

    Transparent Corp has just updated NeuroProgrammer 3 with support for SpectraStrobe creation and conversion. This is a long awaited update for many users and Adam from Transparent has done an excellent job seamlessly integrating the Kasina for playback and export. This further solidifies the MindPlace Kasina as the most well-supported and powerful mind machine ever released.

    This is a free update for Neuroprogrammer users or NP3 is available for $59.99 for the regular edition or $89.99 ...

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  5. Session Types on the MindPlace Kasina

    Session types on the Kasina:

    SpectraStrobe audio

    SpectraStrobe is an advanced embedded light control signal. It is similar to AudioStrobe but much more flexible because it can control all 3 of the LED lights and the dynamic range (least brightness to highest brightness) is not affected by the volume of the audio on the player.

    SpectraStrobe is put into audio: music, soundscapes, nature sounds, or more traditional entrainment type sessions. It controls the ...