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  1. vvia's Avatar
    Hi Joseph, any chance to create the sessions for Kasina too? Thank you.
  2. Joseph Kao's Avatar
    Hi Dan,

    As Scott says, these are Procyon session files. If you've never uploaded new sessions to the Procyon, then you need to:

    1. Install the Procyon driver on your computer.

    2. Install the Procyon editor.

    3. Download and unzip the Brain Brightening album to a folder on your PC.

    4. Connect the Procyon to the computer with the USB cable.

    5. Open the Procyon editor program and in the serial communication menu select "open com port" (if you don't see the little red circle to the left of the editor window turn green then you may need to set the com port to a different number - usually between 1-4).

    6. Choose "Upload Album to Procyon" in the "Session Tools" menu.

    7. Choose "append", select the Brain Brightening.PRb file and choose "Open"

    And that should do the trick! You may already be familiar with these steps, but I just thought I'd add this thumbnail sketch of the process in case anyone else isn't sure.

    You can find more detailed instructions in the Procyon editor manual.

    Hope that helps,

  3. neuroasis's Avatar
    These files are Procyon session files so you save them to the Procyon using the commands in the Session Tools menu in the Procyon Editor on your computer.
  4. danlights's Avatar
    how do you transfer these audio files onto your procyon?
  5. Joseph Kao's Avatar
    Thanks Robert - the thing I'm most happy with about these Brain Brightening sessions isn't that they're wildly different from the other Procyon alertness/energy sessions (though there are some differences), it's that they form a protocol - a treatment program - with enough variety in it to use over a period of eight weeks without experiencing the "habituation effect" that some people get from using the same session too often.

    I'll PM you about trying the mindbrite OS. I remember you hinted at it in a thread some months back, and I'd love to give it a go. I can see the menu for it already in the Procyon Editor, and it looks very intriguing indeed :-)
    Updated 01-30-2012 at 12:49 PM by Joseph Kao
  6. neuroasis's Avatar
    I suggest Joseph that you try this OS. It is a very interesting take on flicker stimulation. More about this soon...
  7. Robert Austin's Avatar
    Thanks very much for your contribution, Joseph - and your very lucid descriptions and write-up! I'll soon start trying these myself. BTW we made up an alternative OS for the Procyon, intended for the same application, but in this case it produces band-limited noise. Each light pulse is a different frequency. PM me if you're interested in playing with this at some point.
  8. Joseph Kao's Avatar
    Thanks Scott! Looking forward to hearing your feedback :-)
  9. neuroasis's Avatar
    Excellent write up and contribution. Welcome to the blog system! I'll give these a go this evening and report back.