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  1. MindPlace has a Facebook page!!

    Check out MindPlace's new facebook page!

    Lots of good info including a bit of the history of MindPlace in pictures of their first products.
    Go there and give it a "Like"!
  2. Forum Software updated - New Editor and Facebook functions!

    I recently updated the forum software, which has a couple of new features.

    First, the Editor is completely new. It is designed to be more WYSIWYG and to work better across more browsers. It also adds an "auto save" function whereby it will periodically save what you've been typing. Have you ever been typing a long post only to have your browser crash, or you accidentally press the wrong key and wipe out your message? Now whatever you type can be restored when you go back to ...
    MindPlace Support
  3. Recent updates to MindPlaceSupport

    Hi everyone;

    Andy Broughton here, MP Forums administrator. Over the past month or so, there have been some big changes to the MindPlaceSupport page and the forum. I plan to use this blog to discuss updates and let you all know about changes and new stuff that you can do on the site.
    Any issues or questions at all regarding the site, please post in the Site Support forum. Also, any feedback, changes, suggestions, let me know in that same forum.

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    MindPlace Support