Manual for the NEW Thoughtstream USB (PDF 175 KB).

ThoughtStream USB Manual
Manual for NEW Thoughtstream USB Interface software (PDF 163 KB).
ThoughtStream USB Software Manual


Thoughtstream USB Driver software for Windows. Version 6.7 (Zip archive 3.7 MB).

Proteus/TS/Procyon Driver Windows v6.7
Windows Software to log readings from the Thoughtstream USB. Version 2.10. (Zip archive 2.2 MB).

ThoughtStream USB Software
Latest logging software for the ThoughtStream USB for Windows and Mac. (Beta)


Mental Games

Mental Games version 2.91 (Zip archive). 118Mb
Mental Games 2.91
This is the manual for Mental Games version 2.91 (PDF 2.6 MB)

Mental Games Manual


14 sessions intended to demonstrate how Thoughtstream can control the Proteus parameters in real time. (Zip archive 8 KB)

ThoughtStream Controlled Proteus Sessions

Details on these TS-Controlled Sessions are contained in this PDF Document.

ThoughtStream Controlled Proteus Sessions PDF