Proteus Factory Sessions

#Session NameCategoryTimeDescription
1Power RegenerationPeak Performance20:00Studies of peak performance suggest that you perform better with a "power nap" as part of a daily routine; in other words, a break completely away from your duties and responsibilities. You will be able to perform more efficiently and actually find yourself accomplishing more. With time you might also find that your desire for stimulants like coffee, tea or sweetened soft drinks will decrease. Use this session, or sessions P03, P04, P07, P09, or P17 for feelings of mental and physical regeneration.
2Performance IntensivePeak Performance18:00This fast-paced session is great if you feel the need for a "mood boost." We suggest that you use it with your favorite high beat music. This is a session you can use several times in a row if you choose.
3Quick BreakPeak Performance15:00Use this session during your day to quickly feel refreshed and regenerated. It is a very useful session to use when you know you have a very long and busy schedule ahead of you. A 15 minute break a few times per day is an investment in focus, clarity, and decision making.
4Power PausePeak Performance15:00This is a slightly more stimulating version of session 03. It will help clear your mind of all thoughts for a few minutes and increase your mental clarity. You can choose to use fast-paced music instead of the internal sounds.
5Athletic Warm-UpPeak Performance15:00This session will help enhance feelings of relaxed concentration prior to exercise or physical competition. A number of athletes do exceptionally well in practice only to falter in competition. Top performers are able to maintain consistent performance under all circumstances. The key is a relaxed yet focused state allowing your mind and body to work in harmony. Physical training is only half the battle towards success in competition. Sit quietly and visualize yourself (and your team) attaining the goals you set for yourself. You may also use this session with any number of peak performance or positive affirmation tapes. You or your coach may even record your own positive affirmations and play them back while using this session.
6Peak ComposurePeak Performance30:00Use this session between athletic competitions for visualization, success, and peak performance. It is best to use it with either positive affirmation or guided visualization scripts written and spoken by yourself, your coach or trainer, or with any of the fine recorded products available on the market. You do not have to be involved in sports competition to enjoy the positive effects of this session.
7Quick Work BreakRelaxation15:00The common wisdom says you should take breaks at regular intervals if, for example, you work on a computer for extended periods of time. Combine this session with a good regimen of stretching exercise to avoid many of the chronic physical maladies that affect more and more people who sit in one place too long. In addition, we suggest that you use this session during your break times. It is also great after lunch and before you go back to the keyboard.
8Mind SaunaRelaxation25:00Use this with deep breathing and muscle awareness exercises. Start by breathing from your diaphragm. You will know you are doing this correctly when you feel your stomach, not your chest, moving up and down with every deep breath. As you allow your muscles to relax, tension will disappear. You may try lying down while using this session with relaxing music. There is a quick two minute boost at the end of the session to bring you "back up" again. (Note: chart peaks at 50Hz)
9Quick RefresherRelaxation16:00Here is help for you to refocus your energies. Use it if you are feeling you need to be able to revitalize yourself during a particularly difficult day. As you become more familiar with the subtleties of the various sessions you will find you will tend to develop favorites you use several times a week. Because they are convenient to use, some of the 15-20 minute sessions like this one will get a lot of use.
10RegenerationRelaxation35:00This session is long enough to allow you to reach a state of very deep relaxation and focused concentration. Some people feel this session seems much shorter then 35 minutes. A session like this has to be used on a regular basis over a period of several weeks to help you learn to properly let go and allow yourself to become deeply relaxed. This is also a good session to use with relaxation or self-help tapes.
11Deep MeditationRelaxation60:00Make time for yourself! Use this session when you know you will remain undisturbed. This is the longest session offered and for beginning users it may seem too long. It is excellent as a training session if you are trying to learn how to meditate for extended periods. You may find your meditation practice will go more smoothly even without the help of this machine.
12Tranquility 15Relaxation15:00(P12 15min) ) Basic relaxation sessions that float back-and-forth between Alpha and Theta states. The 35 min and 45 min sessions mix in binaural beats.
13Tranquility 25Relaxation25:00(P13 25min)
14Tranquility 35Relaxation35:00(P14 35min
15Tranquility 45Relaxation45:00(P15 45min)
16Tranquility 60Relaxation60:00(P16 60min)
17Quick Alertness BreakLearning10:00This is a perfect session to help you remain focused on your studies. It is designed to be used once every 40 to 60 minutes. This session will help you to better integrate the material during your study period.
18Learning with TapesLearning35:00This session is specifically designed for use with language tapes. It uses the techniques pioneered by a Bulgarian researcher, called “Superlearning”. It involves developing a state of relaxed and focused concentration.
19Relax Before Exams or Pressure SituationsLearning15:00It will leave you with a sense of calm, focus and confidence. Concentration can be broken when you are feeling uneasy. Everyone has had the experience of taking an exam, feeling pressured and forgetting material they easily remember when the pressure is taken off. This session is ideal for use before an exam or presentation.
20ConcentrationLearning15:00This session is designed to quickly bring you into a calm, focused state. A relaxed body allows the mind more ability to be alert and attentive. Your main focus when using this session should be to allow your body to become as relaxed as possible while maintaining your alertness. Use your breathing exercises to help you do that.
21Creativity EnhancementLearning20:00This session sweeps through a series of frequencies to help stimulate your thought processes. Use it frequently for maximum benefit. Try this one for several days in a row for help with problem solving. Try not to push for a solution: try to allow one to come on its own. Sometimes letting go is the best method.
22VisualizationLearning20:00Use this when you feel tired and want a session that moves through a series of frequencies for stimulation and visualization. If you are a visual person, you will see all kinds of kaleidoscopic imagery. The session is quite enjoyable with very pleasant after-effects.
23MindLab Learn 15Learning15:00(P23 15min) Various length sessions to ease absorption of new information and concepts and to improve memorization. Can be used before, during (without glasses) and after study sessions.
24MindLab Learn 25Learning25:00(P24 25min)
25MindLab Learn 35Learning35:00(P25 35min)
26MindLab Learn 45Learning45:00(P26 45min)
27MindLab Learn 60Learning60:00(P27 60min)
28Mind Body AwarenessWell-Being25:00There is a direct connection between health of the mind and the body. It is difficult to have a relaxed mind while your body feels tense. Alternatively, it is difficult to allow your body to relax if your mind is overactive or you are filled with emotional anxiety. This session is best used with a recorded program designed for relaxation of your body and mind. If no tape is available, do a body awareness exercise of going through each muscle group and becoming aware of tight spots. Work to release and relax your entire body over this 25 minute session. Use it often if this is your main area of concern. Pay attention to your body and notice if you find it becoming looser as the weeks progress.
29Afternoon BreakWell-Being22:00Mix this session with some gentle, soothing music or nature sounds to reduce the tensions caused by your daily life. The session is long enough to help you to become deeply refreshed, but not so long as to cut too heavily into your other daily responsibilities. One of the most difficult problems to overcome is making the time each day to use the unit in a meaningful way. If you find this to be the case try any of the 15-25 minute sessions and commit yourself to using them. If you can spare a few extra minutes you may find this session becomes one of your favorites.
30Deep RelaxationWell-Being25:00Try this session first if you are really sensitive or just starting out on the machine. This is one of the gentlest sessions in the unit. Just sit back and allow yourself to gently settle in.
31GoodnightWell-Being18:00This is a great session to use at the end of your day. Lie down, and set the lights at a low level. It is fairly short because we do not want you to fall asleep while still wearing the glasses and headphones.
32Release the DayWell-Being25:00Use this with the lights set to a low to moderate setting. This is an end of the day session for calming and internal balance. It is best used when you have planned no more social interaction for the remainder of the evening, including TV Perhaps after using it you will want to read a book for a while or just go directly to sleep.
33MindLab Visualize 15Well-Being15:00(P33 15min) Use this when you feel tired and want a session that moves through a series of frequencies for stimulation and visualization. If you are a visual person,you will see all kinds o kaleidoscopic imagery.P33 & P34 are similar except that P34 does not vary brightness levels and there is no sound modulation. P35 & P36 are similar except that P36 does not vary brightness levels and there is no sound modulation. P37 is the longest and gentlest of these visualization sessions. Each cycle is repeated fifteen (15) times. The chart shown is the basic cycle for P37.
34MindLab Visualize 25Well-Being25:00(P34 25min)
35MindLab Visualize 35Well-Being35:00(P35 35min)
36MindLab Visualize 45Well-Being45:00(P36 45min)
37MindLab Visualize 60Well-Being60:00(P37 60min)
38MindLab Energize 15Well-Being15:00(P38 15min) These sessions sweep through Alpha frequencies and touch the lower Beta frequencies. Use these sessions to calm your mind without relaxing too much. P42 (60min) varies the program by adding 18Hz peaks and alternates them with the 14Hz peaks. Chart shown is P41 (45min).
39MindLab Energize 25Well-Being25:00(P39 25min)
40MindLab Energize 35Well-Being35:00(P40 35min)
41MindLab Energize 45Well-Being45:00(P41 45min)
42MindLab Energize 60Well-Being60:00(P42 60min)
43MindLab Sleep 15Well-Being15:00(P43 15min) Use these sessions to fall asleep. They do not “rise” at the end to wake you up so use them when you want to fall asleep and stay asleep.
44MindLab Sleep 25Well-Being25:00(P44 25min)
45MindLab Sleep 35Well-Being35:00(P45 35min)
46MindLab Sleep 45Well-Being45:00(P46 45min)
47MindLab Sleep 60Well-Being60:00(P47 60min)
48Pure EntertainmentEntertainment16:00(P48 16min) (P49 9min) Two “light show” sessions. P48 is the longer of the two and really shows off how complex a Proteus session can be. P48 moves through 113 segments (changes) in just 16 minutes!
49PyrotechnicsEntertainment9:00P49 is shorter (time) and does not vary the audio frequency. P49 moves through 76 segments in just 9 minutes! The visualizations produced by these sessions are unbelievable! Use these sessions to entertain and massage your brain!