Kasina Factory Sessions

Session NameCategoryTimeArtistDescription
Before LearningAccelerate12:00Roman FrajtDesigned for use before class, studies, this starts at 9 Hz and targets 4.5, 7.83, 11.25, and 18 Hz.
Cheer UpAccelerate35:00Craig TiceStarting at an alert 12 Hz, Cheer Up steps up to a vigorous 35 Hz before making its way back to a calm 10 Hz.
CreateAccelerate25:00Craig TiceThis session moves between 7, 14 and 10 Hz, and is intended to encourage novel thoughts from the subconscious to emerge for conscious consideration.
EnergizeAccelerate20:00Roman FrajtStepping up from 15 Hz to 30 Hz, Energize promotes alertness and vigor. Not recommended before sleep.
FocusAccelerate30:00Craig TiceRepeatedly ramps between 12 and 16 Hz, minimizing tendency to be distracted and promoting a flexible working state.
WakeAccelerate20:00Craig Tice18 Hz throughout, you many not need coffee or tea after this session. Not recommended before sleep.
EvergladeMeditate20:00NeuroasisA spring morning with gentle rain... time is suspended in this peaceful, calming session. Mostly low to mid range light frequencies to promote calm clarity.
Forest and RiverMeditate16:00Roman FrajtAnother peaceful backdrop of nature, in another locale. Frequencies start at 14 Hz and end at 4 Hz for deeper relaxation into meditation.
MeditateMeditate50:00Craig TiceStarting at a relaxed 10 Hz, Meditate reaches the target of 2 Hz after 15 minutes. A few minutes at 6 Hz on the way down provides a useful intermediate step on the path to a deeply meditative state.
RelaxMeditate25:00Craig TiceFrom an alert 13 Hz this session steps down to a calm 10 Hz. Left and right sides are stimulated at slightly different frequencies to help the mind let go of nuisance thoughts.
Relaxation by FireMeditate23:00Roman FrajtFind quiet and solitude in a soundscape including alpha frequencies and the soothing sounds of a campfire.
Relax MoreMeditate40:00Craig TiceSimilar to Relax but longer and with a target of 5 Hz, suited to deeper relaxation or contemplation.
Relaxation with WindchimesMeditate15:00Roman FrajtThe peaceful sounds of wind-chimes on a peaceful summer afternoon. This session starts at 12 Hz and leaves you at a deep 2.5 Hz.
Touch of SilenceMeditate14:36Roman FrajtPeaceful sounds of Tibetan bowls and minimalist piano sets a calming ambience; lights start at 10 Hz and descend to 6.25 Hz.
A Starlit NightMind Art15:00NeuroasisThis entrancing, ambient soundtrack and complex visual encoding evokes a clear, Moonless Summer's night, with shooting stars tracing patterns in the sky.
AstroturfMind Art10:00NeuroasisSlow, shimmering washes of color accent this deeply reflective ambient soundtrack. This track would live equally well in the Meditate category.
CascadeMind Art11:28NeuroasisSubtle, slowly shifting and sometimes hopping light patterns are inter-woven with nature sounds and underlying evocative audio tapestries.
Dreamy SaxMind Art17:09Claudius NagelThis session is based on a music piece of soothing synth chords with a bluesy and dreamy saxophone solo. Light patterns are synchronized with the change of the synth chords. The frequencies range between 10 Hz and 3 Hz while the light colors shift between a pastel orange and green.
EcoSyncMind Art20:00NeuroasisAnother peaceful audio ecosystem, this time with light patterns synchronized with the sounds of nature.
PatternityMind Art20:00NeuroasisRich synthesizer textures combine with lush visual effects to create a dreamy, slightly surreal and entrancing mind-scape.
PhobosMind Art6:00NeuroasisYour spacecraft has just arrived in orbit around Mars, and the creatures living inside Phobos have started communicating with you using sound and light...
SanguineMind Art10:00NeuroasisA mysterious journey into a subterranean realm, lit only by shifting, multi-colored strobe candles... what is that sound coming from the next cavern?
Space TraceMind Art15:00NeuroasisYou are exploring a methane ocean on a distant planet, and marveling at the life-forms you are finding and hearing there...
SpectraMind Art20:00NeuroasisGazing into a gently flickering camp-fire, you become lost in fantasy, and pass through a portal into a realm of magic.
StagecraftMind Art20:00NeuroasisGazing out across a land never before seen, you feel yourself lifting off the ground, gently riding the currents, always safe and amazed.
TrainspotMind Art7:02NeuroasisVariation on a simple EcoSync system. The sound of low rumbling subway train or trip on a space probe lulls you into meditative mindset.
WeaverMind Art12:00NeuroasisTribal audio art with a strong influence from ambient masters. SpectraStrobe rhythms paint a potent tapestry.
YonderMind Art20:00NeuroasisThe depths of consciousness beacon in a floating flotsam of synth washes. Allow the times and troubles to melt far, far away, out yonder.
DreamNight Voyage1:00:00Craig TiceDream is a sleep session with intermittent bursts of higher frequency stimulation intended to evoke REM activity and dreams.
Night ShiftNight Voyage45:00Claudius NagelThis incorporates an evolving nature-soundscape (from day to night) and the light colors change from yellow over green and blue to violet over time. Starting at 12 Hz, this ramps to 3.5 Hz with plateaus at 10 Hz, 7.83 Hz and finally 3.5 Hz.
RestNight Voyage30:00Craig TiceVery slow and subtle modulations of light and sound, intended to quiet your mind before sleep.
SleepNight Voyage1:00:00Craig TiceA gradual descent from 10 Hz, pausing at 6 Hz before continuing to very slow modulations. Low key audio modulations over a pleasant pink noise background.
SolitonNight Voyage12:03NeuroasisLush, slow filter sweeps and modulations prepare you for some interesting dreams.
Submerge-level INight Voyage30:00Craig TiceThis session winds slowly down to 4 Hz, with soothing visual modulations overlaying the sounds of water in motion.
BiomarkersRejuvenate10:00NeuroasisThe frequencies encoded in Biomarkers are designed to help guide you towards slowing your breath and heart rates into desirable coherent ranges - 5 breaths per minute, and 60 bpm heart rate. Red is heart rate, blue is breath; practice breathing with the blue.
CenterRejuvenate30:00Craig TiceWorking down from an alert 13 Hz to the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz, Center helps you put aside your immediate concerns and enter a period of quiet contemplation and rejuvenation.
Clear Your MindRejuvenate16:00Roman FrajtFrequent hops between slower and higher frequencies, together with the relaxing sounds of Tibetan bowls to help restore your mental energy. Starts at 12.8 Hz and ends at 13.5 Hz.
Deep RejuvenationRejuvenate24:00Roman FrajtWith a starting frequency of 8.5 Hz and a target of just 1.45 Hz, accompanied by binaural beats and modulations, Deep Rejuvenation can take you to a very peaceful, restorative mind-state.
EddiesRejuvenate12:30NeuroasisFloating down a meandering stream, visuals are mostly gentle blues and greens.
FantasyRejuvenate5:30Roman FrajtThis brief session highlights the 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance, with gentle sounds of frame drum and gamelan.
Overtone UniverseRejuvenate11:04Roman FrajtSounds of peaceful overtone singing accent and augment the flickering light, descending from 12 Hz to 7.83 Hz.
AlphabetTrance20:00NeuroasisThis session was designed to gently guide you towards hypnagogia, that magical half-dream, half-awake state sought after by many explorers of deep states of consciousness.
BowlScapeTrance15:20NeuroasisMysterious, deep resonances of large Tibetan singing bowls permeate a night-world of mainly blues and greens.
Meditation with Shaman DrumTrance19:55Roman FrajtHypnotic sounds of a Shaman's drum and binaural beats augment both synchronous and left-right stimulation, starting at 22 Hz and taking you all the way down to 2.2 Hz.
Vapor-ChillTrance20:00Craig TiceIs this the sound of a November wind that never stops, or a 20 minute long out-breath? You decide. Lights start at 10 Hz and gradually, gently leave you at 7 Hz.
ZodiacTrance20:06Craig TiceThis will take you even deeper than Vapor-Chill, as the slowly shifting drone-structures and beat frequencies lead to towards the edge of sleep.