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KasinaFW1.17 - August 2015

FW1.17: Fixes for Intermittent Issues

Fixes the intermittent audio noise which can appear at times, due to the voltage control chip applying a lower voltage to the audio codec than specified. Also fixes a minor battery charge indication error generally caused in warmer climates.

Also includes important fixes from version 1.16 for those who are experience 'Unrecognized file format' errors.

Updated on December 10, 2015 ( zip , 252 KB)




Please Note

There is a bug in the Firmware update code for the Kasina Editor for Windows. The Mac Version is fine. Please use this Simple Firmware Updater below instead of the Kasina Editor to update the Kasina Firmware under Windows until further notice.

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Walkthrough of how to update Kasina firmware on Windows (Video)



Walkthrough of how to update Kasina firmware on Mac (Video)


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