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Kasina Basic Editor 1.5.2 - October 2015

Important: Post all bug reports by using "Report a Bug" under the Help menu. This sends email directly to me. Provide details of the problem and actions that triggered it.

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Release Notes 


Kasina Basic Session Editor v1.5.2 - October 2015

  • Better screen coordinates sensing for KBSE window. Should not appear offscreen any longer.
  • Name and email address required in Bug Reports, so that communication on issue is possible.
  • Email will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Better bug reporting with detailed trace log.
  • Hold Shift key during app launch to delete preferences file and reset window position. Hopefully, never needed.
  • Mac only - application named changed to Kasina Basic Session Editor for crossplatform consistency. Will need to delete MindPlace Kasina Editor from your Applications folder.


Kasina Basic Session Editor v1.5.1 - July 2015

  • Fixes for bug on Mac where Kasina SD card was not recognized in firmware update mode

Version 1.5

New Firmware Update Utility

  • Available in the View menu or from Button on Home Tab

New Kasina Browser

  • Browse files and folders on the Kasina SD card
  • 2 pane interface - Left pane for browsing and Right for Editing
  • Add Files to card by selecting from hard drive
  • Create new Folders on card
  • Delete files/folders from card unless they are part of the factory set
  • Factory deletions can be allowed by a preference checkbox... be careful you don't lose files that you want.
  • Make mirrored backup image of files on card
  • Duplicate selected files to folder on card
  • Move files between folders on the card
  • Drag and reorder files
  • Number files by the list order so they play back in way you arrange them
  • Remove file numbers from files to reorder them
  • Calculate length of single songs or sessions and playlists of sessions (folder contents or list contents)
  • Lengths can be auto-calculated. Best when SD card is loaded by USB adapter, not directly in Kasina
  • Or calculate by pressing Get Playlist Length button


  • New naming convention for Wizard output termed - sections
  • Append button to add Wizard generated segments to session instead of replacing
  • Wizard will warn you if you are about to overwrite a session
  • This warning can be disabled
  • Automatically convert between seconds and minutes in Wizard
  • Minutes is default for Wizard
  • Single Frequency, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta presets added
  • Estimated number of segments to be generated now displayed in status bar
  • Set Wizard Time to Length of Music File menu item added
  • Section mood slider reflecting frequency settings
  • Probability sliders added to control how much weight Primary Frequency has
  • Fade in and fade out segments generated
  • Time of fade in and fade out able to be set
  • Mixed parameter added to Sound Stimulation Type to allow for binaural and isochronic mixed sessions
  • Mixed parameter added to Light and Sound Alignment
  • Ability to sync Light and Sound alignment or generate separately
  • Save and load Wizard presets to create unique band-limited sessions
  • Ability to Freeze the current session time but generate wizard sessions
  • This is especially good when sessions have been set to the length of a song

Editor Tab

  • View 2 segments at once to see interpolation
  • Set Pitch by musical note and octave
  • Set Pitch as a multiple of the Frequency with various values
  • Tap tempo button to set Frequency
  • Tap tempo button displays tempo calculations on hover
  • Increment/decrement by 1bpm
  • Play a click track at set tempo by midi or option/alt click plays metronome sound file
  • Frequency multipliers for frequency (2x,-2x)
  • Copy and Paste Light values, Sound values or all values

Grid Tab

  • Duplicate multiple rows in Grid, this allows for loops
  • Merge segments
  • Split segments
  • Can now Lock rows(segments) to prevent Wizard from changing them
  • New column can be toggled to show checkboxes to lock rows
  • Unlock all rows by deselecting Show Locks checkbox or by context menu
  • Better scrolling behavior when there are many segments
  • Multiple segments can be dragged and relocated
  • Bulk editing values can exclude locked rows
  • Insert saved session from disk starting at selection row
  • Several commands for editing selected rows in a context menu
  • Selected rows are restored after bulk operations
  • Option/alt click to engage Edit Cells mode or click checkbox
  • Drag KBS files into Grid to open
  • Drag KBS holding Opt/Alt key to Insert

Graph Tab

  • Graph editing for session parameters
  • Zoom and scroll Graph
  • Edit by tenths on Graph with Option/Alt key
  • Edit by hundredths on Graph with Command/Control Key
  • Edit time (X values) with Shift Key
  • Set bounds on Graph as well as Grid steps
  • Option/Alt Double Click on node in graph shows that node in the Grid
  • When editing, Double Click to exit edit mode

New Audio tab

  • Audio playback engine (Quicktime -AVFoundation - Windows Media)
  • Place multiple songs in a playlist
  • Shuffle playlist
  • Loop song
  • Fade out audio
  • Large radial wheel to check progress of audio playback during session
  • View progress by Song time or Playlist time
  • Reveal in Finder/Explorer for selected song
  • Set Wizard time to song
  • Set Wizard time to playlist
  • Set Session length to song
  • Set Session length to playlist
  • On Mac, switch audio playback to Kasina by Applescript command...
  • With Gatekeeper on Mac you have to specifically allow permission to do this.
  • Drag audio files from Explorer/Finder into playlist
  • Supports mp3 and wav like the Kasina

Program wide

  • New default naming format for sessions. Format is session high frequency, a letter for brainwave range, h to represent high, then session low frequency, a letter for brainwave range, l to represent low and the duration of the session
  • Preview segment parameters by AudioStrobe and progress bar
  • Drag and drop sessions from Explorer and Finder
  • Ability to import session and insert it at segment location
  • Drag in session holding option/alt key to insert it after selected segment
  • Import Audacity Label files to build sessions with marked locations
  • Import a single track from a Gnaural schedule with ability to select which one
  • Export Audacity label files
  • Export frequencies to Mind Workstation
  • Context menus added throughout program
  • Many bulk editing commands added
  • Copy current segment values to all segments
  • First stages of Undo engine
  • Audio file importing to set length of session
  • Set overall session length to entered value
  • Scale session values to exact time which keeps the spacing between segments
  • In Scale Session Time and Set Session to Exact Time you can enter time in the format 10:00 for minutes or enter overall number of seconds, i.e. 600 or 600.0
  • Entered fade in and fade out values are automatically accounted for
  • Tour updated somewhat to reflect new features
  • Explanations of new interface items added to Contextual Help
  • Scale Session Frequencies - clamp session frequencies to a low-high range while still keeping the 'contour' of the session. That is space between segments and relative size of frequency ramps.
  • Pitch by Band Map - map pitches to brainwave ranges for multi band sessions.


  • KIS files are no longer saved by default, just KBS
  • Save as command added
  • Save as KIS added
  • 100 segment limit removed
  • Segment selection on Grid while using segment slider improved
  • Edit cells in Grid has been changed from right click to Option/Alt click
  • Set Brightness and Volume to 100 if duplicating first segment
  • Enabling and disabling of menu items improved
  • Up and down arrow keys in Grid now increment segment slider
  • Smarter window positions if multiple screens are present or a screen is disconnected
  • Key filters and validation for editing cells in Grid
  • Updated for Yosemite and Windows 8.1
  • Many, many internal changes and optimizations
  • Music note changes copy to clipboard

Areas of ongoing improvement

Undo is working but it is really dumb at the moment and puts in all kinds of unnecessary actions. These will be trimmed down and made smarter.

The Graph may be easily confused. I have tried to narrow the errors as much as possible but new eyes will no doubt find ways to break it that I haven't accounted for.

Audio is only marginally useful at this time but it is building for future features. In conjunction with the Tap and the settings session times to songs and playlists is its main function right now.

Tap can drift depending on computer speed and activity. Seems worse on Windows. It is implemented by MIDI but there are other ways. Feedback needed on performance across systems.


Archived Software Releases

MindPlace Kasina Basic Session Editor 1.5 - Mac

Kasina Basic Session Editor Version 1.5 for Mac. Requires OSX 10.7 or later.

Updated on August 18, 2015 ( dmg , 12,065 KB)




MindPlace Kasina Basic Session Editor 1.5 Windows

Kasina Basic Session Editor version 1.5 for Windows. Requires Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later.

Updated on April 17, 2015 ( zip , 6,202 KB)