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Thread: Should I be "looking" in a direction?

  1. Default Should I be "looking" in a direction?


    I just got my Sirius. I've used it for a few sessions and I have a question about proper use. I have found that depending on where I "look" with my eyes closed, I will become more or less aware of the flashing lights. If I actively "look" to the left, I notice the flashing much more than if I "look" to the center." Sometimes if I "look" up, I will also notice the flashing more. It's a little frustrating, because if I'm not "looking" at all, and just letting my eyes rest and fall where they will, the flashing effect can be reduced to the point where I barely notice it at all, and my vision becomes dark. Has anyone else had the experience I describe?

    Also, I know people have described seeing geometric shapes, patterns and other visual phenomena. So far, all I have experienced is flashing of the sort one would expect if a light were directed over their eyes while their eyes were closed. I have not discerned any other effects, shapes, patterns or the hallmarks of the brain trying to "make sense" of the light.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I'm sure the experience is different for everyone. The first section of this thread talks a bit about it:

    Here's another person talking about the experience with the Sirius:

    This is a good general thread regarding AVS usage:

    Hopefully that information helps. Enjoy!


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