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    I bought a Proteus Unit and i have many problems, i don't see the visual effects, i see colors but not effects. And i have a question, how i can know if i have new ganzframes ? On the box i received, there is not write, there is just write " Multicolor lightframe ". Must i replaced ?

    Sorry for my english, i'm french.

    Thanks for your answer

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    Hi, and welcome!

    The new lightframes have flush mounted LEDs - you'll see a flat diffuser panel with no LEDs sticking out.

    The 'effects' are a function of the way people see, not something the Prtoteus 'does'. If you are looking hard, you probably won't see anything but flashing colors. If you let your eyes relax and drift out of focus (eyes closed, of course) you should begin to see geometric shapes and swirling patterns form. I don't know with certainty that everyone gets this effect, as it's the person, not the machine that causes it. Some people have posted here before about not seeing the effects, and then later come back and said they get it now - so persevere

    Adjusting the brightness can also make a difference - usually having it very bright works, but sometimes the effects are more pronounced if the brightness is turned down a little.

    Hope this helps.


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