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    I guess this will be the next step for mind machines as they seem to do everything conceivable in the present form.

    VR could add eyes open inductions, perhaps a virtual therapist etc

    Most importantly it would increase emotional involvement and offer stronger anchoring and more sensory cues.

    But I think we are 2-5 years from true high definition vr coming onto the market in the form of full FOV light weight low cost glasses.

    The present technology is dissapointing but when real VR and augmented reality become available in just a short time it will transform society in a way that has not happened before.

    VR could also be used with EEG to train eiditic memory and imagery.

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    Hi Gareth,

    Interesting you should mention this - I've just been doing the round of all the VR glasses manufacturers and have concluded there's nothing out there yet at a useful price/performance level.

    The possibility of using bio/neurofeedback to drive visual imagery is great - the technology is already well and truly there with the likes of BioExplorer and MindWorkstation.


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    HI Gareth

    I've been using an Emagin Z800 HMD for about 3 years.

    Most of its use now is for just watching visuals that respond to favorite being the Milkdrop 1.04 plugin for Winamp.

    I've just installed it to my BWE workstation next to my bed, so at least it should be possible to watch relaxing visuals while I run audio sessions using Transparent Corp software.

    I don't know that wide field deep immersion vision will ever happen at a consumer level. There is the basic pysiological fact the your eyes are locked by the visor in front of magnifying optics and they have a very small allowable relative head movement. What this means is that your eyes only have a certain amount they can move side to side to read text and select menus etc.

    The 32 degree horizontal filed of the Z800 sounds narrow , but actually they got it just right. Its the absolute limit at which I can roll my eyes to the side of the field and still directly read text. A wider field verison would have to have applications that were custom made to keep text out of the peripheral field.

    I have a demo for Particle editor which I need to reinstall. It allows visuals to respond to biofeedback devices such as the Wild Divine lightstone .

    How much more fun can you have lying down !


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    Once high definition flexible micro dispalys become available we will have the VR we all crave. I'd give it 5 years.

    I have seen contact lenses with embedded micro circuitry right on the lens so really it wont be long.

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    Im wondering in my fertile imagination a scenario where a Mind Machine (AVS) could merge with a VR HEADSET and could contain everything from amazing landscapes,Medieval castles for a history feeling or space voyages with hubble shots not to mention planets flying past you in real time as well as black holes and geometric funnels pulling you pulling you towards them with tactile realness, not to mention surround vision and audio in the VR Headset also with subliminal programming and affirmations and ascended master images with UV colors for those wanting a dance rave effect if you wanted a high Beta Experience or spiritual upliftment for that matter. Imagine being on a virtual dancefloor or outside with stars and moonlight around yourself. Of course the unit would come with editing software so you could watch the visual session or the whole session on your TV or PC before saving. And then share sessions with others on a forum"

    Just a thought. Any opinions?


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