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Thread: Best Practices for a new AVS owner

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    So, I'm waiting for my Kasina to arrive, and I've been reading quite a lot through this forum. But I'm still unsure of... well, how do I actually use it consistently to achieve long term-ish goals? Are there any suggested methodical progressions/use cases for it?

    At this point I'm interested in expanding my consciousness through deeper meditative states so I can then later achieve those states without the help of AVS. If I do a deeper session of binaural then I'm very likely to just fall asleep and then come back at the end of it.

    Is that a good goal for AVS? How would I go about achieving that using Kasina?

    What else do you guys use this for?


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    Hello and Welcome!

    I would recommend starting with reading as much as you can about the subject. Here's a few links to get you started.

    Hey, if someone makes a good post, don't forget to click at the bottom of their post to add to their reputation!

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