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    A couple of lessons I've learned from making this Star Trippin session. First not all procyons are the same. My two procyons run this synchromuse session about 5 seconds different. So, the session will have to be slightly taylored to each machine. Second, because this session is jumpy it is very beautiful but painstakingly difficult to program. I learned this for several reasons. First not only is each procyon slightly different in its timing but that timing also changes when it is plugged into usb and the port is open.

    My recommendation is to complete the musical track first and export it to the device that will be syncing with the procyon. Then start the session from there. When you see a discrepancy between the music and the program pause your music and check the time. Compare the time with your flags on audacity to find the right segment. Then adjust the segment slightly in the editor. For most of the adjustments I made to fit my procyons I had to take off .5 seconds and some times 1 whole second. Make the change and then make sure the edit header has the same name as the .raw already in the music. Save the session and then upload it once again to the procyon. Then close the port before you play the musical track again. (I also unplugged the usb although I'm not sure it effected the timing, but the port connection does for sure). Then restart the music from your device. With a segment changed the segments behind it will also be slightly modified. I only had to make about probably 6 or 7 changes for the most of the rest to fall in line. You will see that the further you go along the music closer the later sessions get to the transitions in the music. Repeat as needed until you feel the segments match up enough for you. I primarily focused on the big noticable transitions.

    I completed this painstaking process for both my procyons until they were both synced to the music. This was difficult because the segment and musical transitions I used were very jumpy. Such attention to detail is not needed for smoother musical and segment transitions. So if your trying to build a synchromuse session for the first time. I recommend starting with smooth ambient type music and smooth transitions in your segments.

    I have included the labels for audacity and excel worksheet I used to piece the session together to help you get it to sync up with your procyon.

    May the force be with you.
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