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Thread: Driver install problem

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    Default Driver install issue

    I have a problem

    XP 32 bit

    Just want to update my recently bought procyon to latest OS to get rid of the annoying hiss...

    I installed the latest procyonSetup. I have procyon 2.1.4 so I chose 2.x.x

    I plugged in Procyon. It came on and device manager appeared. I ignored it and I launched the Procyon AVS.

    Then I chose to update os from ultilities. I got message serial port is not open do you want to open it? I clicked yes and got the window to specify where the file to update from is but then also got a dialogue saying
    'Unable to communicate with Procyon'
    Procyon display shows programme 32.

    Also, the ports (COM and LPT) bit in device manager just has one thing under it: an exclamation mark on a yellow circle next to 'USB bridge for mindplace Procyon'.

    Also under serial communication, set com port, only com 3 is available.

    What to do? This is such a hassle!
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    Default Re: Driver install issue


    Sorry to hear you're having trouble installing the driver.

    Quote Originally Posted by fumu View Post
    I plugged in Procyon. It came on and device manager appeared. I ignored it and I launched the Procyon AVS.
    I think this might be where you went wrong. You should have let the driver finish installing.

    Please reboot your machine, and after it finishes, plug in your Procyon and let it finish installing the driver.

    Then check and see if you have an exclamation mark in the Device Manager beside the "USB Bridge for MindPlace Procyon".

    Also, did you have the previous Procyon software installed before you ran the installer this time?


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    Default Re: Driver install problem

    oops, your absolutely right I should have installed the driver properly. For some reason I thought launching the procyon avs software would install the driver.

    I have now installed os 2.1.6 and no hiss yay! Thank You!

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