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Thread: Stuck in dL mode

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    I don't think that the Proteus is faulty. And I don't think that using editor 2.3 compared to 2.2 or 2.4 makes any difference. They are all fine - if you don't depend on USB.

    Best advice is to get hold of an older pc with a serial interface. And for good sake using editor 2.5.1 (newest, if I remember right). And then uploading the OS, that comes with that editor.

    I have mixed all sorts of OS and Editor. That was never any problem, as long as the connection serial / or USB was held slow and stable.

    And always make the editor force the speed of the connection as slow as possible. I.e. "serial port / change transfer rate". I even think that TheRock has made that speed go low - per default - in the newest editor.

    I understand that some USB / serial converters just dont do with the Proteus, some -like mine cheap Aten232 type - only work at utmost slow speeds, and others work at quite fast speeds. So a lucky strike might be needed when buying a converter. Maybe we should make a list of succesfull types - I don't think that many types are in the marked anyway. I my country there were just two.


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    Hello Drew2u,

    All OS upgrades are done in dL mode.

    If you have a USB to serial adapter please read the information on the thread USB -> Serial adaptors ...

    If none of that helps then follow MindMan's advice and try it on a pc with a true RS232 serial port.

    I also like MindMan's idea of starting a list of USB to Serial adapters that do and do not work.

    Best regards,

    PS I have posted version 2.5.1 of the session editor...

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    Luckily I had another machine, and using an actual com port got everything working.

    Thanks for all the help. That includes the person on the phone over at Mindmodulations who went above and beyond in helping me out.

    I guess the usb serial cable was at fault, although it had managed to succesfully move some sessions earlier in the day... Very tricky.

    I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone more as I get into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillGillies View Post
    There seems to be some disagreement/confusion as to whether PC or dL mode should be used. Just for the record, my original problem had nothing to do with USB. I used the original serial cable. I hope to hear from Mind Modulations soon that a replacement Proteus is on its way to me....
    Even if using a real COM port / serial connection, things might go wrong with a 2.3 editor. As this editor is history I won't explain. But this only applies to editor 2.3.

    Give it one more try with editor 2.5.1. (newest one) and do this action before transfering first a new OS into the Proteus and then maybe some sessions: Make the editor force the speed of the connection as slow as possible. I.e. "serial port / change transfer rate".

    Install the newest editor and try and upload the OS that comes with that editor.


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    Well, to add the confusion, I was definitely able to upgrade mine in DL mode once I moved the cable to a machine that had an actual serial port.

    I'm running 2.5 now, and I've been very happy with it.

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    I received my replacement Proteus from Mind Modulations today. Ater an initial scare when I switched it on and the dreaded dL started flashing it settled to inform me that I was still with OS 2.3. I downloaded the latest Editor 2.51 from here and with some trepidation installed it on my Proteus. Mission accomplished! It's taken a while but it gave me the opportunity to get into some technology-free meditation again.

    Thanks to Mind Modulations and to everyone here who contributed.


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    Hey there, I just turned on my Proteus and it is in dL mode and won't come out. I have never downloaded anything, so I am not sure what is going on. We just changed the batteries. Can someone tell me what to do about this?

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    That's disconcerting indeed! I'll send you a PM.

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    I hate to be the one to bump up an old thread, but a friend has had a proteus since 2003 he believes, we just pulled it out of the closet and were going through the modes. It got stuck in DL flashing. Cannot find the Usb cable(still looking)

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    The original Proteus did not come with a USB cable. You can purchase the recommended (and inexpensive) USB cable from Mindplace.

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