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    As an excited customer waiting for my Procyon to arrive, I decided to look around more into the information thats available. I may have misunderstood something. I thought that the recording of signals under my own music of choice was part of how the Procyon can be used - is this the same as AudioStrobe CD's?



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    Hi Nick and welcome!

    I'm not certain what you're looking to do, but Audiostrobe is a method of encoding inaudible signals within music that control the flashing of the lights on Audiostrobe-compatible equipment. The Sirus, Proteus and Procyon are all compatible with Audiostrobe.

    The Procyon also has it's own format in addition, called Synchromuse, which allows for music to be synchronized to the additional capabilities of the Procyon (more colours, ganzfeld effects, etc.)

    There is commercial software available for making your own Audiostrobe-encoded discs, like Neuro-Programmer, but making your own Synchromuse CDs is a more manual effort. A tutorial on making Synchromuse discs is available at

    You can also just play music into the Proteus or Procyon and run sessions at the same time if you want, doing "on the fly" synchronization, as it were.

    Let me know if you have any further questions, and enjoy your new purchase.


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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for getting back. Yes, I realise I may have misunderstood, but thats fine. I received my product this morning and had a quick good, but realise I need to spend a little time with it.

    Many thanks,


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