I recently got my Kasina so I'm n new to all of this. Last night at about 1 hour before bed, I ran the Zodiac program because it mentioned bringing me to the edge of sleep. I thought this was a good start. Then when I went to bed, I rand the Dream program. So, I did fall asleep during the Dream program and thought that was great. Then a couple of hours later I woke up and could not get back to sleep. I was wondering if somehow my mind got stuck in the Zodiac program mode where it just kept me at the edge of sleep. It wasn't my usually insomnia where my mind is chattering away and I just cannot shut it up. I just couldn't sleep. Usually, when I have insomnia I can fall back to sleep eventually. I never went back to sleep. Any suggestions/ideas. Obviously, my selection was wrong for me (it might not be the same for everyone). What would you suggest for me?

Many thanks!