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Thread: Too much noise when USB connected

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    Default Too much noise when USB connected

    I know the Procyon makes noise when batteries are low.

    But Im noticing that when I connect it to USB, and use the Audiostrobe setting, the unit makes a VERY uncomfortable noise in the background, even if I mute the PC sound card.

    It works fine when I use the Procyon in integrated session mode and USB.

    Any advice? Defective equipment?

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    Default Re: Too much noise when USB connected

    Hi OmiH;

    If you are using the same PC for the audio source AND USB power, then you probably have what's called a "ground loop".
    If you run the Procyon on batteries, but use the PC for the audio source, does the noise go away?
    If so, then it's definitely a ground loop.
    Is the PC a notebook computer? If so, try running it on batteries to see if that helps.


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