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Thread: Box X on Proteus / Procyon?

  1. Question Box X on Proteus / Procyon?

    Is it possible to generate a Box X type effect using the Proteus or Procyon?
    I've included the notes below from the presets for another sound program. They should give an idea of the technique.


    Box X is a method of combining 2 different voices (actually 4, thus the "box") and entraining the brain using binaural AND monaural beats. Harmonic (and half-harmonic) BoxX involves focusing on a specific frequency and multiples of it. Harmonic Box X is an incredibly effective way to entrain the brain. So far I've found that it is at least 3 times as effective for me. The deep meditation ones I made are very fast and effortless in execution. I might upload one to the files directory if anyone is interested.

    This is a quick way to make a harmonic box X (described by James Mann in Awakening Mind I) in bwgen.

    For this demo:
    Take a desired binaural beat frequency of 15 (beat)
    Take an audible pitch of 500 (pitch)

    Step 1) Add voice 1, assign pitch and beat as above
    Step 2) Add voice 2
    Step 3) For voice 2 pitch, multiply beat by 2 and subtract from
    pitch. So pitch - (beat * 2) or 500 - (15 * 2) = 470
    Step 4) For voice 2 beat, multiply the voice 1 beat (15) by -1, which
    would make it -15

    And that's it! You got yourself a harmonic box X

    The pitches are now as follows:

    V1: 507.5 | 492.5
    V2: 462.5 | 477.5

    507.5 - 492.5 = 15
    462.5 - 477.5 = -15
    492.5 - 477.5 = 15 [monaural]
    507.5 - 477.5 = 30 [crossover freq]
    492.5 - 462.5 = 30 [crossover freq]
    507.5 - 462.5 = 45 [monaural]

    I've found this to be particularly effective with Schumman
    frequencies, using 7.83 as the base. Can produce some interesting
    effects to say the least.

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    By the way, the reason that I am asking is that the technique always describes four voices, and the editor seems to allow for only two (unless I am missing something?).


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    I'm afraid this is all a bit over my head, but seems interesting.
    Perhaps with the wave editor in the Proteus you could draw a waveform that contains 2 frequencies (of course you'd have to have a picture of what that would exactly look like)
    Does it matter which tones are in which ear?


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    Interesting question! When Dr Tom Budzynski was working for our old research unit, we tested a variety of binaural, monoaural, and dual-binaural beats; as it turns out, binaural beats are the best way to go if your goal is to increase EEG activation. On the other hand, this says nothing about potential psychological effects, which is probably what you were discussing.

    The Proteus can generate binaural and dual binaural beats, while at present the Procyon only generates binaural beats (though at 16 bit resolution). You could, as Andy suggested, probably generate the sorts of more complex waveforms you mention, but with frequency limitations of the editor (F=1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0)--your waveform can include up to four sine waves, each with their own amplitude and phase information.

    Or you could use bwgen or other tools (such as the sine generation in Sound Forge) to create various sine files, then use freeware Audacity to layer the files as multiple tracks, then play the resulting file through your Procyon or Proteus.

    Hope this helps!


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