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Thread: Does it actually do anything?

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    Hello everyone. New Kasina user here. I have not used the device yet. However, before I do, I am wanting to know what to expect? I am wanting to do a sensory deprivation experiment using the ganzfeld effect. Typically, with this effect, it is white noise, with red light. No pulsing light, and no flashing. The white noise blocks any outside sound. The only sense you have is smell. Is this a possibility with this machine, or do you have to do the flashing lights?
    And with that comes my next question. Has anyone actually entered into a completely lucid state of altered consciousness? I don't want to use the machine and fall asleep. That is not what I'm going for. I want to enter an altered state, and explore what is there.
    My last question is this. Can this machine effectively treat treatment resistant depression? I have been dealing with it since ten years old, and I am tired of that back and forth with medications that do not work.

    Thank you to anyone who can address my questions. I appreciate you.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Please take some time to visit some of the threads on the topics you're interested in pursuing! The search function works quite well. If you find related discussions, please join in!

    Here's a start, regarding Ganzfeld:

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    It is possible to present a pure field of vision with no flicker to induce the Ganzfeld effect, or you can try putting a fast gamma flicker rate which is perceived to be a steady light. Most TV screens and computer monitors flicker at 60 Hz. Pink noise is favored over white noise, but I think this is really subjective.

    Many people, including myself, use or have used the machine to enter lucid states of altered consciousness. It is a great tool to use as a handrail to hold you in that state.

    Since the products here are not FDA approved as a medical device, we cannot give out any information alluding to treatment of any illnesses. I can tell you that audiovisual stimulation is being used as a tool in the treatment of PTSD and depression using psychedelic therapy. There is a huge success ratio in the treatment of persistent depression and PTSD.

    Check out some of the articles on this page, particularly The Clinical Guide to Light and Sound, Accessing Alterity, and the Mega Brain articles.

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