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Thread: Proteus sessions on the Kasina

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    Dear Community,
    Does anyone have any advice to give in transferring sessions from the Proteus to Kasina? I just purchased the Kasina and would love to bring across some of the sessions from Proteus that I connect with for years already.
    Any advice would be warmly appreciated.

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    Many of the Proteus sessions are similar to the Sirius sessions that are already included with the Kasina and Limina.
    The Procyon sessions are also similar to the Proteus sessions and are available to download from the support site.

    There is no way to "transfer" a Proteus session to the Kasina/Limina as they are in very different formats.

    If there is a Proteus session that is nothing like any of the Sirius or Procyon sessions, then the way to do it would be to learn the Proteus editor and the KBS editor, open them side by side and start copying parameters from one to the other.
    Likely be quite a time-consuming task!

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    Thank you Andy much appreciated.

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