How can I use AVS technology to access 528Hertz best?

I have been on a mission to be "mind-free" of the frequencies we are bombarded with. I am a highly sensitive person in general. I have a Teslar watch to help me with electro-magnestic smog. (Let's just say things go on and off around me a lot)

What I have discovered is that there is an under current of frequencies we are bombarded with coming from all over. If you are sensitive it throws you off. And you can either react or prevent it by cutting yourself off from engaging with people. I become aggressive when overstimulated by people. Coping is becoming harder.

My view on this has been learning about the mind which is why years ago reading about mind-control in a book I discovered Sirius. I ordered it and it still works fine. But now I want to figure out how it translates to help balancing my mind to counter the increased low frequency stellar waves we are being bombarded with. My need is not just dealing with weight loss or ADHD. It is upholding a mind free from outward conditioning so I can be grounded and all those good things.

To my little understanding the best way to deal with these incoming frequencies is to feed yourself the Solfegio freguencies of 528 Htz so you are not a walking antenna for low steller waves.