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Thread: .mws file format?

  1. Default .mws file format?

    I have a couple of files here, 'Kasina SS Session Uplifting Schumann Resonance.mws' and '30min Dissozative Balance 7.8 HZ Schumann with Singing Bowls AG Expand Your Consciousness.mws'. I don't remember how I sourced them but they would almost certainly have been directly or indirectly from here. They appear to be coded in XML, but the only information I can find on the .mws file extension is that it was used by an obsolete PC spreadsheet program, Maple.

    Does anyone have any information on how these could be converted into session files?


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    Default Re: .mws file format?

    .mws are MindWorkStation files. (Software from the now-defunct Transparent Corporation)

    If you downloaded the .zip files from here, you should already have the .mp3 files as well. If you don't have the MindWorkStation software, then the .mws files are not useful.

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