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Thread: Mind machine for people with limited hearing

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    Is there any overview of which of the session presets are monaural and/or isochronic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monoborealis View Post
    I am offcourse interested in having the greatest possible effect out of my mind machine, that includes sounds as well. Not interested in BB as it does not work for me. But isochronic or monaural beats yes. So the person claiming you could set the player to mono was wrong.
    The Kasina does not have a mono setting built in. You can attach any MP3 player via the AUX cord. The only reason why you would want to do this is to convert a binaural beat session to a monaural beat, which the beat can be heard in each ear separately, much like an isochronic tone. There are balance controls in Settings> Audio that may help with 3D sound, but would not work converting binaural beats to monaural beats. Both R/L tones must be present in both stereo sides for that to happen. Binaural beat = a steady tone being presented to 1 ear, and another of a difference pitch presented to the other ear. The "beat" you hear is the difference of pitch frequencies. if the right ear pitch is at a 180 Hz pitch, left ear pitch at 190 Hz, it would produce a perceived "beat" at 10 Hz. When both tones are mixed together either simultaneous out of each speaker, or mixed outside the ear as in using speakers instead of headphones, it turns into a monaural beat by the same frequency difference as in BB's So, if you have a binaural beat session that you want to convert to monaural, you must use a player that has mono capability. Another way is to use the patch cord from the headphone jack to external speakers.

    As far as I know, all built in sessions use isochronic tones. Andy would have better knowledge of that than I.

    Monaural beats do not have all the limitations that binaurals have. The only advantage they have over monaural or isochronic tones is that they aid in hemispheric synchronization because both brain hemispheres must work together to form the "beat". All that said, there are other means to accomplish that goal. The term "binaural beats" has evolved to cover all forms of audio entrainment whether it be isochronic or monaural beats or modulated sound, similar as referring a tissue as a "Kleenex" regardless of the brand. Probably 95% of sessions claiming to be "binaural beats" are not binaural at all. The way to tell is to listen to only 1 stereo side. If you can hear a beat, it is not binaural. If it is indeed a binaural, you will hear a steady tone.

    Confused yet?

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