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Thread: KBS Editor preview mode ?

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    Hi ,

    Its been a while since I played with AVS .

    Is there a way of previewing a KBS session while the Kasina is plugged in . Or do I have to save the file and load it in to the Kasina ?

    I used to play around with creating sessions on the Proteus and Procyon and I'm sure that I used to be able to play segments straight away to preview what was happening and get instant feedback and preview on adjustments to the segments.



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    Hello and welcome back!

    There's no preview function at the moment, but this is something we're looking into for a future firmware.

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    Thanks Andy . I think preview mode would allow much more creativity , and ability to `jam' on a segment building up more complex effects . I like KBS because it is compact . There doesn't seem to be a lot of user created content here .

    BTW in reference to the previous feature request post I can remember that there used to be a random mode in the Procyon editor which would just set all parameters at random at the click of a button which was interesting .

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