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Thread: New Kasina User - trying to find the best tracks for me

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    Default New Kasina User - trying to find the best tracks for me

    I Just got my Kasina. I am trying to find the right tracks for me (weather it be the ones that came with the Kasina, the ones that can be downloaded from soundcloud, og some I have to pay for).

    I got the Kasina because I hope it can help with some of the following:

    - to get more energized/more energy in general (could this be used before doing sports?) --> to have energy to get the most out of life, and hopefully improve concentration and performance in sport and in life in general

    - To be able to meditate, and get deep down, which I had problems with using regular meditation, like Sam Harris teaches --> in the end to be able to rest within myself

    - Maybe to alleviate anxiety/ADD, if that is possible (I am not sure what type of brainwaves I should focus on for this) --> I think I have ADD to some degree, and I am experiencing different anxieties (maybe the two are related), can this be helped by Kasina, and which tracks should I focus on then?

    - focus and reading --> again for improving quality of life... if I have a degree of ADD, my reading and focus might be lowered because of this, so this might be in relation to the above point

    Can you recommend tracks for each of these, and maybe explain what types of brainwaves, the tracks generate?

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    Default Re: New Kasina User - trying to find the best tracks for me

    For energy and focus, beta and gamma sessions are usually used. This is the protocol used to treat ADD/ADHD. Deep meditation is usually alpha/ theta. Your position creates somewhat of a challenge.

    High beta and gamma can aggravate anxiety. Those with ADD usually have an abundance of slow wave activity, so doing deep meditation sessions aggravates that condition. The best for you would be a compromise of low beta/ high alpha.

    Try the sessions just released for the 30 day meditation challenge "All On Board" which uses alpha and beta utilizing hemispheric balancing techniques found in ADHD protocols, and "Happy Daze" which is beta/ gamma.

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    Default Re: New Kasina User - trying to find the best tracks for me

    Actually I have "a voice", thinking all the time - I thought that was one hint of ADD, that what you want is to quiet the thinking down.

    Anyways, I have never had any diagnose me with ADD - I have just seen signs, and I want to quiet the internal thinking down once in a while.
    And also I have mild social anxiety and fear of hights, which I want to alleviate. I think these conditions are also mostly alleviated in low frequency brainwaves.

    At least, I feel the slow brain wave sessions most relaxing/pleasant, and they have made me phase out, whereas the faster sessions tend to make me think of when the session is finished - although one of them have helped me be more energized for a 2 hour class (I think I tried the Happy Daze for that one).

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    Default Re: New Kasina User - trying to find the best tracks for me

    There is a protocol for overactive minds that slightly offset the frequency to each brain hemisphere. Vision Quest uses that technique, and uses slower alpha/ theta frequencies.

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    Default Re: New Kasina User - trying to find the best tracks for me

    I had actually tried the Vision Quest last week. The first time I tried it, it was very weird, and I had a headache afterwards (not sure if it was because of the track).

    However I have now tried it 3 times since, and felt very productive afterwards, so I have started using this session every afternoon when I get home from work.
    I have a few questions though...

    - is it normal to "phase" in and out during a session? (like a brief trance state - in any BWE/AVE session?)
    - should I expect to be "phased out"/in trance in the full duration after a while, or will I be conscious most of the time, only "phasing out" once in a while in the low frequency states?

    - the end of the session is gamma, I guess... Is it normal to see the light as a steady light, with eyes closed in gamma parts of a track, and does the light actually help then (a regular light bulb can have around 60 Hz, and you don't notice the flicker, so does the brain actually recognice the flicker in the high frequency parts of tracks)?

    - during the gamma part of the track, My mind does a lot of thinking - is that normal?

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    Default Re: New Kasina User - trying to find the best tracks for me

    It is common for those new to BWE, or even new to a specific session, to get a slight headache after the first few times they use it. It is most often caused by an increased blood flow to the brain. The headaches go away as the brain adapts.

    You can't really say "normal" when talking about AVE and BWE. Everybody's brains are different, and brainwave patterns are constantly changing, so effects are wildly subjective to the user. That being said, Vision Quest was designed to put the user in a shamanistic trance and induce "visions".

    A very fast flicker rate is hard to detect, especially with closed eyes. Yes, computer screens, TV's and other appliances are flickering at approx 60 Hz. There needs to be more research to see how this affects the brain. A recent study has found a 40 Hz flicker rate can prevent, or even turn back the onset of dementia. Gamma frequencies in this range are used to treat ADHD, are good for increasing non verbal skills such as mathematics, and are very energetic. They may keep you up at night. Gamma shows up when many areas of the brain are working together, such as when a musician is playing an instrument. When Tibetan monks are performing super-human feats, their mind is teeming with gamma waves.

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