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Thread: Help a total Newbie make a Purchase--Limina or Kasina?

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    Default Help a total Newbie make a Purchase--Limina or Kasina?

    Hi all,

    I meditate some, but have been having problems lately. I'm planning to purchase one of these two devices, but I am not sure which. I've reviewed both of the specs sheets for these two products--so I know the basics that the Kasina offers more storage but the Limina has more pre-programmed settings, etc. The thing is that I know very little about these devices. So, I thought I'd act the people who do know.

    I know one has more programs, but does one have "better" programs than the other?
    Does the Kasina have better audio/LED than the Limina?
    Are there certain upgrades that one can accept that the other can't?
    Anything else I need to know?

    I was planning to wait on the Deepvision glasses, but may also ask you all's advice on those.

    Right now, I'm inclined to go with the Limina, but I can afford the extra money if the other really is better. What I can't really do is turn around and buy a second set (I've saved for this one). So, I want to buy the right one and have it last.

    I guess my thing is, I know the Kasina has more stuff, but is it stuff that is useful/needed? Is it noticeably better, or are they just nice add-ons?

    Thank you all,

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    Default Re: Help a total Newbie make a Purchase--Limina or Kasina?

    The main differences between the Kasina and Limina are:

    Kasina has a rechargeable battery, Limina uses AA batteries.
    Kasina has a high-res color LCD display, Limina a monochrome low-res display.
    Kasina has a micro-SD card for easy expansion of space for sessions, Limina has fixed internal memory.
    Kasina has a built-in .mp3 and .wav player and can play tracks from the micro-SD card, Limina does not.
    Kasina retails for US$359, Limina sells for US$259.

    Here is a handy comparison chart.

    Even though each ship with a different set of sessions, ALL sessions are available for both devices and are compatible with both. The catch is that the Limina cannot store the large audio files (SS/AS) "onboard", and would need to have them streamed via the AUX or USB inputs.

    There are no other differences. Both produce the same output, sound and light-wise. Both can use the DeepVision Ganzframes, but the Kasina is offered as a bundle with a cost savings associated with it.

    If you have the money, "Buy once, Cry once" has always been my mantra.

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    Default Re: Help a total Newbie make a Purchase--Limina or Kasina?

    Thank you for the info. It seems like I should go with the Kasina based on this. I really appreciate your help.

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