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Thread: 30 Day Meditation Session Downloads

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    Default SMR For Better Health- 20 min

    The sensorimotor cortex operates at low beta (12-15 Hz) frequencies, thus brainwaves measures from this area are called Sensorimotor Rythm or SMR. Entraining to such frequencies have a multitude of benefits including better sleep patterns, higher resistance to stress, and enhanced memory and cognitive abilities. Such changes happen over time with repeated use. Real-time brainwave state is that of a relaxed focus and centered mindfulness. It is very useful for treating chronic insomnia, ADHD, depression as well as anxiety.

    Instructions: You cannot overdo SMR entrainment. For insomnia, use at least 2 hours before bed, in the early evening just at sunset. It has a balancing effect, so it can be used as a grounding session after deep theta or gamma sessions. Do at least 3 sessions per week for 3- 4 weeks, and see how much your health improves!

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    Default Re: All on Board- 30 min

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeV View Post
    This session utilizes hemispheric balancing techniques and binaural beats. It is recommended that you use the headphone testing utility to make sure your headphones are working properly.

    Description: Alpha/beta hemispheric balancing session utilizing EMDR, photic entrainment, isochronic tones and binaural beats.

    Objective: Break stuck thinking patterns and encourage new neural pathways

    Instructions: The session starts with EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a technique that has found useful for those with PTSD to reprocess traumatic memories. It is thought to work by moving thoughts to different areas of the brain so it may be processed differently. Think of a thought or memory that bothers you or is stuck in your head while moving your eyes back and forth to the light and sound. It is important for your eyes to move. After 5 min the entrainment will then target the right hemisphere with beta while keeping the left in alpha for five minutes, and then stimulate the left hemisphere with beta and the right hemisphere with alpha for five minutes. The hemispheres will come together at 15 Hz SMR where the isochronic tones will morph into a binaural beat. A recent study has found binaural beats, particularly at 15 Hz to activate more areas of the brain simultaneously, as well as increase visuospatial working memory.
    Updated link

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    Default Re: Happy Daze- 15 min

    Item NOT in dropbox anymore

  4. Default Re: Ganzfeld Loop- 30 min

    [QUOTE = JoeV; 17946] Esta sessão é gama, o que pode ser muito estimulante. Não use perto da hora de dormir e limite o uso a 2-3 vezes por semana até que você esteja familiarizado com seus efeitos.

    Objetivo: Produzir o Efeito Ganzfeld

    Descrição: O Efeito Ganzfeld é baseado na privação sensorial, onde permitimos que a mente manifeste sua própria experiência. Aqui usamos luz piscando em frequências gama e ruído marrom para fornecer uma tela em branco para nossa mente desenhar

    . Ele começa e termina na mesma frequência e tem fades curtos para facilitar a reprodução em um loop. [/ QUOTE]

    quero saber onde encontro essa sessao? kbs?

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    Default Re: 30 Day Meditation Session Downloads

    This is a MP3 session made with Reaper DAW

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    Default Re: Happy Daze- 15 min

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeV View Post
    Although effective eyes closed, open eyed with Deep Vision goggles suppresses slower brainwave patterns boosting effectiveness, and provides a more dazzling light show. Eyes open may also help with SAD

    Description: an uplifting beta/gamma session incorporating a lively light show and specifically composed music. This session can also increase focus and sharpen cognition, or get you energized before going to work or the gym.

    Objective: increase faster brainwave activity and inhibit excessive slow wave activity found in depressed individuals.

    Instructions: use whenever feeling depressed, or several times a week to prevent depression. It will begin using serotonin producing blue light, making it perfect to use as a wake-up session and stave off SAD. This session can be very energizing and may affect sleep. It is recommended that you use it early in the day as to not affect sleep patterns. It can also be used before studying or taking tests to sharpen focus. Good to boost cognition in seniors as well.
    could someone please repost Happy Daze? the droplink shows the file as deleted.

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    Default Re: Happy Daze- 15 min

    Quote Originally Posted by MattM View Post
    could someone please repost Happy Daze? the droplink shows the file as deleted.
    This one is working. We are shuffling files around at the moment.

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