The sensorimotor cortex operates at low beta (12-15 Hz) frequencies, thus brainwaves measures from this area are called Sensorimotor Rythm or SMR. Entraining to such frequencies have a multitude of benefits including better sleep patterns, higher resistance to stress, and enhanced memory and cognitive abilities. Such changes happen over time with repeated use. Real-time brainwave state is that of a relaxed focus and centered mindfulness. It is very useful for treating chronic insomnia, ADHD, depression as well as anxiety.

Instructions: You cannot overdo SMR entrainment. For insomnia, use at least 2 hours before bed, in the early evening just at sunset. It has a balancing effect, so it can be used as a grounding session after deep theta or gamma sessions. Do at least 3 sessions per week for 3- 4 weeks, and see how much your health improves!