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    What are the best exercises for memory?

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    Alpha is good for memory recall. That's why you can't remember things when under fire (like somebody's name lol), but later, when you are relaxed and not trying to think of it, it pops into your head. Rolling the eyes up for some reason increases alpha, that's why some people look up when asked a question, as if the answer was written on the ceiling. If you are trying to recall something, take a min to close your eyes, breathe deeply, or if you have the time, do a short alpha session.

    Sessions that alternate alpha with beta in 2 min increments have been found to increase test scores. beta helps focus, alpha helps recall.

    Deep delta sleep is when short term memory gets put into long term. Doing a power nap after studying can help wonders. Get plenty of quality sleep when trying to memorize large amounts of data. Sleep induction and delta meditation sessions are in line.

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