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    Hi, i just cant get the smell from the Plastic out of my Head, smelling it still after each session.
    One of the reasons i stopped using it for a while but decided to start again, though the smell is really unfortunate.

    What can i do, is this a normal thing with the Deepvision Ganzframes, do they all have this plastic odor?

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    Greetings, Elevator--it is not normal for the DeepVision glasses to have an odor. I suspect what might have happened is that your set was packaged before any solvent remaining from the coating/gluing process had fully evaporated. Sorry for that! If you let it sit in the sun, or perhaps apply some gentle heat from a hair-dryer at low setting.

    And our apologies for your having this particular DeepVision experience!

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    I should have pointed out that the odor comes from the light blocking rubber, i will try your heat idea when i get the time.
    Since i was able to take off the light blocking rubber do you have replacements and if you like to investigate i can mail you the smelly one.

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    When I received mine, the rubber also smelled damp, I left it a month outside its cover to give it air and the smell disappeared.

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    We don't have any of the rubber coverings in stock, but I will request some once our factory finally re-opens...

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    Alright, after a few days in direct sunlight it smells way less, will leave it longer outside its cover for now.
    Feel free to message me when you have non smelling replacements available.

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