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    Hello everyone

    I think I know the likely answer to this question, but I might as well ask. I am only an occasional user of these machines. I have a Proteus and an even older Orion bought from a company called LifeTools many years ago. They have always been reliable. Today I thought I would the Proteus again. It refused to switch on. I changed the batteries and still no luck. Orion the same. Usually the program number comes up in the display, but today nothing. Conversely, a Thoughtstream which has seen even less use started up no problem at all.

    It may well be that the old batteries have caused damage by being left in the machines, although both battery compartments are clean, with no sign of corrosion. I even tested with my multimeter to check the full voltage across the three batteries; nothing wrong there, but neither machine will display anything. Have I missed something obvious? If not - is there anywhere that is willing to repair these units?

    Many thanks

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    I assume you don't have the AC adapter for your Proteus? If so, try that and see if it powers on. That would tell you if the problem is a battery or connection issue at least.

    You're welcome to send the devices to MindPlace for evaluation, there's no charge. However, since neither of those products are made anymore, if they can't be repaired, you would likely have to purchase a new or refurbished product to replace them. Like a Procyon or Limina.

    Another option would be to look on eBay for a deal on a used device. Just make sure they guarantee that it's in working condition.

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