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Thread: "Mode" "fade" etc defaults?

  1. Default "Mode" "fade" etc defaults?

    New Kasina user here. When I select a session and hit up or down on the ring, it cycles through "Mode ColorOrgan, P2 50% Fast Fade" and "200% fast fade" and 100% slow fade" and so forth. When I press up it toggles the Spectra on. I'm trying to figure all this out (for entrainment) but I can't find descriptions of those anywhere, for some reason.

    Also, my selection seems to stick permanently, which has me worried as to what the default originally was. Given that I don't know what I'm doing, I'd like to use the recommended setting until I learn.

    I'm using the ganzfield glasses for the most part, though I do have the other kind too.

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    Default Re: "Mode" "fade" etc defaults?

    Hello Mark, and Welcome!

    In regards to the ColorSets, they are only used when the Kasina is running sessions that are NOT SpectraStrobe. Basically, the Kasina is designed to decode many different formats:

    SpectraStrobe (SS) - A proprietary format that encodes 6 channels of light information (R/G/B Left and R/G/B Right). This is a format exclusive to the Kasina and allows for the sessions to have the most possible variety. The session files are either MP3 or WAV format and the audio can be any sort of sound or music, with the Light encoding out of the audible range of hearing.

    AudioStrobe (AS) - A classic format that is supported by many Sound & Light machines, including all the older MindPlace devices like the Proteus and Procyon, and even ones before that. It is a 2-channel format, so in the case of the Kasina, these 2 channels can be "mapped" to the 6 channels the Kasina can address, using the ColorSet settings. The session files are either MP3 or WAV format and the audio can be any sort of sound or music, with the Light encoding out of the audible range of hearing.

    Kasina Basic Session (KBS) - A proprietary format for the Kasina that is similar to the formats the Proteus and Procyon use, where sounds are created with an internal audio generator. These files are extremely small.

    Color Organ (CO) - An entertainment-based format where the low, middle and high frequencies for the left and right are mapped to the Red, Green and Blue lights on the left and right. These files are not encoded, and allow you to use any music as a source. This format does not typically do much for brain entrainment, but can be entertaining, and allows you to listen to any music tracks you have.

    The ColorSet choices are listed in the Kasina QuickStart guide on page 26, and additional information can be found here as well!

    If you ever have to get the settings back to "normal" on the Kasina, just power off the Kasina, press and hold the volume (-) and brightness (-) buttons together, and power on the Kasina. You should see some text indicating that it has be set back to factory again. You won't lose any sessions or anything like that.

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  3. Default Re: "Mode" "fade" etc defaults?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Hello Mark, and Welcome!...[snip]..
    Thank you for your prompt reply Andy.

    I'm entirely new to this technology so I have a lot to learn. My first day's experience was...interesting. I'll report back on a different thread. I probably over-used it. I'm eager to experiment more, and to dig up some harder science behind all this.

    My main concern right now is to not break the ganzfeld glasses. I have a pretty large head and the sides have to bend out a bit more than I'd like. I'm being extra-careful but I can sense that there is too much stress on them for longevity.

    Take care

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