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Thread: Kasina "Skipping" During Factory Sessions

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    I've been having a problem for about the past month with the Kasina factory sessions. The playback of the sessions "skips" randomly where the sound cuts out or it is severely distorted for a few seconds at a time multiple times during the session. It almost seems like the DSP can't keep up with the signal or the files are corrupted and it just skips all over the place. I'm using the factory sessions as they came on the factory SD card.

    I've noticed it most during "Deep Rejuvination" and "Overtone Universe". It's very distracting and frankly ruins the experience which is disappointing because some of the factory sessions are my favorite go-to meditations.

    Things I've Tried:
    • Updating to the latest firmware
    • Factory resetting the device

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    Hello BuggMaster;

    You may have received a corrupted micro-SD card. Please send an e-mail to and I will get you sorted out.

    Very sorry that you're having this trouble!

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