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Thread: Procyon software for Windows 10

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    Default Procyon software for Windows 10

    I just bought my first mind machine. The Procyon. I went to the website to download the driver, software and editor. But it does NOT list anything for windows 10 . It says not to connect to a PC until you have the driver and software. Would also like the editor. So im not using the unit at all. Cost a lot for us too. Can I use this with windows 10? how do I get the drivers and software?
    Thank you.

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    Not to worry. The software will work with Windows 10 just fine. Note that you do not need to install the editor or even connect the Procyon to your computer to use it. The Editor is only if you are not satisfied with the factory programs and would like to create your own or you want to load ones created by others.

    To use the Procyon Editor, you first have to download the Procyon Driver and Procyon Editor, from here.

    Once you have downloaded them, unzip the files and in the folder created containing the Procyon Driver, double-click install.cmd
    Now, plug in the USB cable to your Procyon and to the computer. Your Procyon should power itself on.
    As the driver recognizes the Procyon, in the balloon at the bottom right of your screen, you will see what COM port has been created.

    When it completes, you can then unzip and install the Procyon Editor by clicking on the Setup.exe file in the folder created after you extracted the downloaded Editor archive.
    Now run the Procyon Editor by clicking Procyon AVS in your Start Menu.

    On the Procyon Editor, select the "Serial Communications" menu item.
    Select "Set COM Port"
    Select either the COM port that was created (if you saw) or the highest available (non-red) COM port if you didn't catch what number it was when the driver installed.
    Select the "Serial Communications" menu item again.
    Select "Open COM Port"

    If things are working correctly, you should see the red light in the top left corner change from red to green.

    If you run into any difficulties, there is a walk-through video here.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

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    Default Re: Procyon software for Windows 10

    Andy, Thank you so much for such complete instructions ! Some of us who have no clue with this stuff really need it. I got the driver and editor ( after messing with my app settings so it would let me as it said Not a microsoft deal) What is the Visual segment designer? Do I need that too? While I am totally ignorant of all this sound and light stuff I want to learn. Would love to make my own lucid dreaming tracks. I am a avid Oneironaut.! Wish I could remember something Leberge said once. He was talking about the bi neural beats, like a Hemi sync type. 100 in one ear, 106 I think in the other. Damn. What I REALLY need is a better memory! Ah being old sucks. (54) Would love to see this unit work with Hemi syncs tracks. Also would love to find Audio strobe tracks of meditation music etc to use on the unit. Just the Bi Neurals get boring. Have not found any tracks built in yet that have music.... Do any of them have music? Have not played them all yet . Just starting out here.
    If I want to get member made sessions do I get download them and unzip? then what? Select them in the editor somehow? Store them IN the unit? How would you find them IN the unit to play them? Track number only to 50 I think right now.
    Also.... should I download that Visual designer?
    Thank you....( By the way my name is Andrea but I have always been called Andy... my dad wanted a boy lol Red raven in my hiker trail name cause I have super long bright Red super curly hair)

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    Default Re: Procyon software for Windows 10

    Awesome! Love your enthusiasm.

    Ok, well, first thing. Let's walk before you run.

    Try out the Procyon built-in sessions. Have a look at the support site to read about the session descriptions. You should try out the appropriate sessions a few times and see what you like and don't like. Get used to how the device works and the operation of the controls. Once you've spent quite a bit of time using it with the built-in sessions, and are finding that you really want to try something different, then move on to learning how to use the editor.

    Please take your time, get used to the machine and find out what you like and what works best for you.

    Read the session descriptions, read the manual.
    It's all available here:

    Once you've spent some time working it all out, come on back and we can talk about the editor and other stuff!


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