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    What is "Complementary Mode," and can an AudioStrobe track be played on a Kasina in Complementary Mode? From a track on, "Please note that the recording should only be used with your AudioStrobe device set in the 'Complementary Mode'." Not sure what that means. Thank you!!!

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    Me either. First I've heard of it.
    However, they do go on to explain it on their site.

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    “Complementary Mode” is a term that is being used by the AudioStrobe Company and especially refers to their AudioStrobe device “Mind Enhancer” in regard of the way how alternating stimulation (a phase shift of 180 degrees between the two channels) is being presented: either alternating between left an right eye ... or alternating between two colors. Their eyeset does have a switch, which allows you to switch between these two options, whereas the “Complementary Mode” is the alternation between two different colors. So if you want to use the “Complementary mode” on the Kasina, simply chose one of the following color sets: 8. R/G, 9. R/B or 10. G/B.
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