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Thread: Where is Procyon Live?

  1. Default Where is Procyon Live?

    Hello everyone... The program I am really interested is Procyon live...

    as shown in this you tube video:

    What happened to this? Where did it go? Even if not something that is being developed anymore, the source code should be released. To have something that can control the Procyon directly, in linux, mac, and windows is totally the right direction for these devices, the code and API should be released to the community, so that people can start developing proper interfaces... You will find this support in the linux community. The whole linux system is a worldwide collaborative of volunteers who like to tinker with code and release it for general and public use. They currently maintain a huge number and variety of full fledged operating systems that compete and are equal to all the bells and whistles of windows or mac. All just by making the source code available to the public. Why? because as soon as some guy gets bored of working on the code, some other guy who wants it and needs it, picks it up and adds some stuff, and so and and so on, till eventually something pretty cool is cwouldreated.

    The best thing about the Procyon is what it does. The worst things hands down is that while it should be a toy that we can play with (and we really want to play with it) the interfaces available to us to mess around with it are stifling, and inflexible, and require too much learning and for the average joe to put all the pieces together (which is an instant downer)... I cannot even find "Mind Workshop" anymore, nor "SyncroMuse" nor "Procyon Live" and the "Visual Segment Designer" instantly starts throwing out errors... So how is a person to make their own session? Sure, we could crawl through the forum and hope that someone still has a copy of these things (probably illegal to get it though), or we can tinker indefinitely with the clunky Procyon Editor which is like trying to imagine what a song sounds like by readying notes off sheet music (with the limitation of one note per sheet)... Ok, yeah sure, maybe some people can do it but, who wants to invest that time, especially since the grand majority of us buying this thing are buying it to relieve our stress and tension and to help bring a cessation to our overthinking?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this... The Procyon is so awesome, that it instantly makes your want to play around with it, and that's why it has been making
    money for this long, but you should take advantage of the open-source mentality that would open the door for it to become something even more than it could ever be by this route, by trying to manage all the details and keeping things "proprietary" it ends up being (for the grand majority) like a VCR or video player that can only play the same 50 movies over and over... Which is a shame, because if we could just open the door and allow access to those who can bridge that gap, which will subsequently bring it to the point where artists can easily manipulate what it does, we could all then truly benefit by the experiences that they could create.

    I haven't met someone yet who put on those glasses for the first time and was instantly amazed at the experience they received... The potential is there.

    Anyways... Anybody know where I can get Procyon live?

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    Unfortunately, Scott (Neuroasis) has disappeared. Nobody has heard from him in years. Possibly he's found a new hobby in MineCraft, as I've seen some activity of his on those forums, but who knows?

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