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    So my only hesitation in purchasing a Kasina is that after shelling out over $300, they'll release a new version of the hardware. Has anyone heard of any plans to do so in the relatively near future? Or do you think I am safe to jump in now? (See? There I go again, overthinking everything.) THANK YOU for responding!!!

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    The dilemma of any electronics purchase

    The Kasina is the flagship device of the MindPlace line, and a relatively new addition. It is a very good bargain for a top-end AVE device. I don't think IMO that they will be making any major changes or upgrades that can't be retrofitted to current models soon.

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    Follow up: Received my Kasina yesterday. It exceeds my every expectation and hope. LOVE it!

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    Awesome! It'll do pretty much anything you need. Enjoy!!

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