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Hi Joe,

It's been a while since I visited here. I am an academic neuroscientist who has been involved in EEG entrainment research since about 2014. We have both a Kasina (with Deepvision) as well as a Procyon (with Deepvision) in the lab, and that hardware has held up well. Sometime in 2015, I made a pretty big investment in Transparent Corp products, and had fully maxed out NP3 and MWS when last updated on the university computer in my lab. Well, somebody in admin got the bright idea to replace all university owned computers with more modern i5 or i7 machines running Windows 10. Now, I fall into the Transparent access conundrum. So, with all that being said, for right now, I would love to have some BWE software app that would interface with either the Procyon or the Kasina, that would provide minimal ability to structure sound pulses (or intermittent tones) and to control some of the features of the Mindplace video hardware. My interests are on the actual EEG entrainment organization (mostly in frontal lobe), so I'm not really interested in adding Mindplace hardware control to music, just to be able to control the Mindplace hardware the way that the Transparent apps did.

Thanks in advance,

Hi John

Audiostrobe, and Spectrastobe support is a high priority with the new software. We should have working copy of the software, at least the part that creates sessions, up soon. This will interact with other apps, or can be used as a stand alone app.