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Thread: Color Organ and Music Frequencies.

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    Hello everyone! The question Im asking here is about the color organ on the Kasina. Im confused as to what the manual is referring to when it mentions music frequencies.
    By popular demand there is also a ColorOrgan (CO) option which works with any audio. It maps low frequencies in the audio source onto blue, mid frequencies onto green, and higher frequencies onto red. There are three intensity levels (50%, 100%, 200%) and response rates (fast and slow). The ColorOrgan works best with music that has a beat, but can be quite interesting with other genres.
    My question is, can binaural beats be used with the color organ, and can I control the color spectrum with higher or lower hertz frequencies on the beats and on the carrier tones. Or is it talking about the frequency of that makes up the music source itself? I have a binaural beat maker on my iPhone and Im wondering how much control I have over the color options.

    Thanx in advance to anyone who contributes to this thread.

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    It's referring to the frequencies in the music. CO mode is used with unencoded music merely for entertainment purposes.

    If you wish to control the colours and frequencies of entrainment, you should try creating your own sessions with the KBS Editor, or using AS or SS encoding methods.
    You can also control the lights and sound using the manual mode on the Kasina. Press and hold the center button while on the SESSIONS tile on the Kasina to activate the Manual mode. While in that mode you can mix music in through the AUX or USB connections on the Kasina.

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