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Thread: Sharing custom SpectraStrobe VST plug-ins

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    Hi all. Very new to this and was wondering if I could get some simple instructions for use.
    I have reaper and was able to get the vst plugins to show up, but not sure where to start.
    I was looking to generate an audiostrobe file from an input soundtrack. Is this the function of these plugins or is it a manual endeavor?
    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Sharing custom SpectraStrobe VST plug-ins

    Hello and welcome!

    If I'm not mistaken, I think the plugins are for SpectraStrobe, not AudioStrobe.
    Did you follow all the links to the instructions in the first post?

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    Hello and Thanks!

    According to the documentation "The green SpectraStrobe tone by itself is the same as AudioStrobe". I did read the documentation and still feel lost where to begin. I assume it is because I am such a noob in this area. It appears the Cymatic LFO can break up a signal into oscillations and the CymaticSpectraStrobe generates tones. A simple example workflow would be very helpful if any of you have time. Thanks!

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    Alright, I was able to use Cymatic LFO to oscillate my input audio with Tempo Sync and I can hear the effect is very cool! Now I want to create an AudioStrobe that matches the same oscillation. I'm stuck at this point.

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