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Any hopes of open-sourcing the Kasina Basic Session Editor? The main dev; Scott Wilson (Neuroasis) already has a blank repository on GitHub but from what I can tell by past forum posts he vanished or was at least inactive on here for years.

If the code was lost or as a result the tool is no longer maintained, maybe the KBS format specification could be published so the community could work on an alternative tool?

At least the editor works in wine on linux (provided you have the unusual dependencies like gdiplus and WMP codecs) so booting Windows just to use it is not required, (From the micro SD card as "upload to Kasina" feature fails on wine like you might expect.)

I know I can just use Gnaural or a DAW/Audacity to quickly produce a KBS-like session, but that's your standard or compressed PCM audio which takes so much more space than a KBS binary on the micro SD card (especially on hour long sessions) and lose the unique feature of being able to mix in KBS input with AUX from e.g your Phone, one I really like due to the build-in cross-modulation settings.

If we ever had a plain text format to kbs converter (basically SBaGeN for the Kasina) that would be amazing and repositories with easy sharable presets would be possible. You could share hundreds of presets in just a few MBs.
I'm not sure if you saw, but I wrote an updated editor for KBS v2. It's fairly basic, but the editing functions are improved over Scott's editor. It doesn't yet have some of the other features like the browser and wizard (not sure if anyone used those features), but it certainly is usable to create sessions, and it supports the KBSv2 format. Maybe have a look at it and let me know what features you'd like to see so as it's being updated I can see what people would like.