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    Hi there, does any of you know if the sessions can be retimed, i.e double the duration? Thx.!

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    You can use the LOOP and playlist feature to repeat sessions if you like.

    Under Settings/General you can enable LOOP and then when you run a session, it will repeat that session over and over.
    If you are looking to play a list of sessions, but more than once, you can create a new folder on your micro-SD card and then add a session twice (for example), and then if you go to that folder and press the RIGHT button on the Kasina instead of the CENTER button, the sessions in that folder will play one after another, and if you have a session twice, it will play that session twice.
    Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know if you have questions.

    Also, of course, you could edit the session with a DAW and double up sections or whatever...

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