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Thread: Gamma Rejuvenation - An Experiment in Double Modulation!

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    Default Gamma Rejuvenation - An Experiment in Double Modulation!

    Hi everyone,

    This is a new Kasina session which blends the clarity and focus of 40hz gamma waves with various calming, grounding frequencies in the alpha and low beta range.

    It makes use of binaural beats, isochronic tones, modulated noise, and off-set frequencies for maximum immersion.

    This track was created to push the limits of what the Kasina can do, by continuously embedding one set of frequencies inside another.

    All of the light and the sound pulses are "double modulated" - rapidly vibrating at 40hz whilst also pulsing at rejuvenating alpha/beta frequencies.

    Because pure 40hz gamma flickers are quite hard to perceive, I had the idea that they could be embedded within sub-harmonic frequencies (like 8hz and 13.33hz) - both to induce a unique state of calm clarity, and also to make the session itself more engaging and immersive.

    So you could say that the slower pulses in the track are being used as a "delivery system" for the shimmering gamma frequencies.

    You may find this session helpful for a power nap, for accessing states of calm clarity, and for stimulating new ideas.

    Feel free to give it a try :-)


    Also, if you're interested in rejuvenating, energising sessions for the Kasina, do check out my full album of sessions at
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    Joseph Kao DHypPsych(UK)
    Try my free hypnosis mp3s and videos at

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    Default Re: Gamma Rejuvenation - An Experiment in Double Modulation!

    Excellent session, Joe, and thanks much for your contributions!

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    Awesome, thank you Joseph!! I'll try it it out tonight.

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    Default Re: Gamma Rejuvenation - An Experiment in Double Modulation!

    Thanks Joe!
    Always looking for good tracks. Great combo idea.
    I found this site an interesting and amazing resource:

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