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    In this thread, you can see that someone was working on trying develop a lucid dreaming app that would work with Muse headbands. They seem to have abandoned the project, but it would be really great if someone could make this app if they could just in case no one else on that forum can. I desperately need to astral project as part of a spiritual healing process I'm going through, and using EEG to induce it seems like it would be the only thing that would work for me

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    Lucid dreaming is a natural "side effect" of doing BWE sessions. Although it will happen on it's own, this is what I recommend:

    1. Start in the "thalpha" range, that is low alpha and high theta.
    2. Gradually lower the frequency .5 Hz until you find a frequency that puts you to sleep.
    3. Once found, raise the frequency .25

    So, what your doing is walking the tightrope that is sleep, and learning to cross into light sleep briefly, but still have some awareness. AVS works as a crutch. As you start to drift off into dreamland, keeping a portion of your awareness on the light and sound keeps you present. This will happen naturally with experience. I found practicing in the morning when you are still a bit sleepy, but ready to get up is the best time.

    I don't know how an EEG would help, beside being able to zero in on what frequencies to use.

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    Search: "Lucid Dreaming book"
    There is a community out there interested.
    "Remee Dreamer sleep mask", I've never tried it.
    C. Casteneda"s technique:
    Before you go to sleep remind yourself to "find and look at the back of my hand when I am dreaming."
    Eventually you will.
    When that happens, look away and then back to your hand until the back of your hand does not change into something else.
    No need to get excited just another lucid dream.
    Good luck

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