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Thread: How important is the ear "polarity"?

  1. Default How important is the ear "polarity"?

    I always check that I am putting the correct earphone in each ear, which means turning on a light at night, but it occurred to me that it may not actually matter that much. Does it matter from an entrainment perspective? I suppose I could experiment a bit but thought it was worth asking if anyone knew right off.


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    I believe the short answer is no, it doesnt make a difference.

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    as long as your in stereo and not mono your good

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    I don't think it's important which ear is which.

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    Awesome, that is kind of what I suspected. Thanks!

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    The exception is when each brain hemisphere is targeted with a different frequency such as sessions for depression, ADD/ADHD. These sessions typically increase brainwaves in the left hemisphere, and decrease in the right. Having the headphones on "backwards" will make matters worse in those instances.

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